The Thing with Two Heads, Experiments into immortality run amuck.

Some say consciousness and identity resides in the brain. It if the body fails the brain is doomed to die with the rest of the physical body. But what if, just before death, the brain was transplanted onto another donor body? Theoretically, if successful, one could cheat death again and again, changing bodies the way people swap out disposable contact lenses. This highly unethical and universally illegal research is being done at various laboratories across the globe. Experiments are ongoing and sometimes go awry, creating something neither man nor beast, but a monstrous combination of the two – The Thing with Two Head.

This creature is an early attempt at brain transplanting. Basically the head of a dying patient or condemned prisoner is surgically graphed onto the shoulder of an animal. The ideal host, due to its larger size (making surgery easier to perform) and the fact it shares over 95% of its genetic makeup with humans, is the Western Lowlands Gorilla. However, the head of the gorilla cannot be removed until the transplanted head is fully integrated and becomes the dominant consciousness, a process thought to require several weeks. But after numerous attempts the transplanted heads have never gained control of their new bodies.

Instead the consciousness’s develop into a hideous combination of both, driven mad by the conflicting thoughts fighting for control. It is not helpful that most of the human heads transplanted so far have not been ideal candidates, as they’ve been taken from criminals convicted to death for heinous crimes. Such subjects are unhinged long before the procedure takes place.

In combat these creatures use their powerful bodies to delivering bone crushing blows from their massive forearms. Things with Two Heads know everything that both heads did. For example, they’d know all the other gorilla’s in their group, the scientists who performed tests on them, but also know how to drive, read, and use a mobile devise to search for information on the internet. This means it also knows how to use any weapons their human head once used, for example – If the human head came from a notorious axe murderer, the Thing with Two Heads would be able to employ that weapon at the same skill level they had when wholly human.

Unfortunately, language begins to fail, reducing a Thing with Two Heads to a handful of simple words and phrases. It seems the goal of these creatures is to escape and punish those responsible for their creation, such as illegal poachers, doctors and surgeons, police detectives who arrested them, witnesses who testified against them, and the juries and judges who convicted them. The only salvation for these creatures is death.

Gasp (mnvr): If a Thing with Two Heads strikes with both batter attacks they automatically hurl the victim helplessly to the ground and pin them there. From that point on the creatures can automatically cause 2D6 points of damage until the victim breaks free. Victims can only free themselves from a gasp attack by making an opposed success roll, using STR or DEX.

Leap (mnvr): The Thing with Two Heads can leap at a victim, feet first, knocking them down if successful. This only causes 1D6 points of damage but grants the creature a bonus dice on all attacks the following round.

Author is aware this monster is the one from The Thing with Two Heads (1972). You don’t need to email me.

The Thing with Two Heads, Experiments into immortality run amuck.

Char.  Averages rolls

STR   130 (4D6+12) x 5

CON   55 (2D6+4) x 5

SIZ   95 (2D6+12) x 5

DEX     65 (2D6+6) x 5

INT  50 (2D6+3) x 5

POW     55 3D6 x 5

HP  15

Av. Damage Bonus: 2D6

Average Build: 3

Average Magic Points: 11

Move 8


Attacks per round: 2 (batter) or 1 (grasp, leap) or by weapon type known when wholly human.

Fighting Attacks: Batter, or bite, or grasp, or leap

Fighting, 55% (27 / 11), 1D3+db

Leap (mnvr) 55%, 1D6 + opponent knocked down.

Dodge 35% (17 / 7)  

Armor: 2 Points of thick hide

Skills: Any the donor head knew in life, performed with a penalty dice. Spot Hidden 85%.

Spells: none

Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 to encounter a Thing with Two Heads 

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