Preglavica (Trouble)

“On the first day, Mariana walked into the field; she came back sightless. The second day, Grigor did the same, and he ran back with a broken arm. The third day, it was Valka, and she came back fine… but all she does now is stare into the fire.”

Preglavica by Brad Hicks

The preglavica appears as a headless woman in white, appearing at midday. Based upon her reaction roll, she may react in one of three different ways. A friendly reaction means that the party will become lost; a neutral reaction will cause her to blind them (save vs. wands) for 24 hours; a hostile reaction will mean an attack. Any damage roll of 9-10 results in a broken arm (6 weeks or magical healing to restore). A preglavica is immune to all non-magical weapons, and can cast cause disease at will.

On a reaction roll of 12, a preglavica may foretell a person’s death, based upon an overwhelming telepathic image. The GM should not share the nature of this with the player, but it will play out as follows: On three occasions, the character may turn a failed saving throw into a success, or change a damage roll on themselves into the minimum. The GM may do the opposite once. 

Inspirational reading: Kropej, Supernatural Beings from Slovenian Myth and Folktales

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