October 24th: The Hopkinsville Goblins

The Hopkinsville Goblins, Eye witness sketch

The Hopkinsville Goblins, Eye witness sketch

“The men were described as having huge eyes and hands out of proportion to their small bodies. The visitors were wearing what looked to be metal plate…One of the strange little men was in the nearby tree, another on top of the house. A blast from Sutton’s shotgun knocked another one of the men down but he did not appear hurt.” Kentucky New Era – August 22, 1955.

In 1955, two small communities in Kansas reported encounters with strange mischievous beings which became known as the Hopkinsville Goblins. Strange lights and noises were seen at night by several locals followed by sightings of silver skinned, bald, three feet tall humanoids, and pointed ears with long arms and legs which seemed almost withered from disuse. The goblins move by almost floating or wading through the air as a human might through water.

These creatures, though not dangerous, seem to enjoy causing mischief and posses a curiosity about human life. The goblins enjoy floating up to peer into bedroom windows or perching on branches to laugh and point at investigators who seek to catch them. Their pranks can range from simple things like spooking the inhabitants of a lone farmhouse to breaking windows. Where they come from or their true purpose is hard to say but they can serve as an annoying distraction for any modern era investigator.

Where these curious and mischief loving creatures come from is unknown but it is possible that they are products of the Dreamlands, stumbling upon the Waking World when the barriers between the worlds grow thin. They seem to have no known Mythos connection, content to cause problems for anyone they encounter.

The Hopkinsville Goblins, Lesser Independent Race

Char. rolls average
STR 1D6 3
CON 1D6 + 1 4 – 5
SIZ 1D6 3
INT 3D6 9 – 11
POW 3D6 9 – 11
DEX 3D6 + 1 10 – 12
Move 3, Gliding 3 HP 8
Av. Damage Bonus: – 1D4

Weapons: None.

Armor: None though Goblins do not seem to be of this plane and firearms have no effect on them. In
fact, bullets pass through these creatures.

Spells: All Goblins know Levitate. Goblins also have a POW x 3% chance of knowing 1D4 spells. They typically focus on spells that can be used in the pursuit of mischief over summoning or damaging spells.

Skills: Hide 65%, Laugh Manically 60%, Play Pranks 99%.

Sanity Loss: While not especially terrifying, seeing the Goblins is worth a 1/1D2 San loss.

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