Monstrous Deep One Hybrids, Eel Hybrid

Although it is rare Deep Ones can, and do, mate with a variety of sea creatures. While dolphins and sharks are the most common partners, a number of other examples exist. One such variety is the Deep One / Eel Hybrid. These are most commonly found in the darkest depths of the ocean, lurking on the outskirts of a Deep One colony, or near a shore side community of Deep One hybrids. While there is a great deal of variation between individuals, depending on the species of eel they are born from or sired by, a few common traits exist. Deep One / Eel Hybrids have a humanoid the upper body similar to common Deep Ones but with much larger and wider mouths and the lower serpentine bodies eels. While they can breathe air they are seldom found on land, as they move slow and clumsily when out of the water.

A deep one (fish man upper body) with a very large mouth, long pointy teeth, large black eyes, and an angler fish’s glowing lantern. Below the waist is a long serpentine body ending in a wide paddle fin. May carry a massive trident.
Monstrous Deep One Eel Hybrid by Brad Hicks

The appearance of Deep One / Eel Hybrids can vary wildly. Some are brightly colored and patterned, while others are a solid hue of green, brown, or black. Some have thick tails ending in wide paddles while others have long thin tapering tails. They can have large black eyes with huge mouths capable of swallowing creatures up to half their own size whole (see below). Others have smaller forward facing eyes and powerful jaws which can bite with bone crushing force. A few even possess fleshy horn like growths above their eyes, while others have a bio-luminescent orb on the end of a tendril growing from their forehead. 

While they can attack using weapons or their sharp claws their favored and favored attack is their bite. If a Deep One / Eel Hybrid makes a Hard Success on their bite attack they either lock their jaws onto their victim or swallow them whole (in the case of the large mouthed deep see variants and only targets smaller than SIZ 50). This allows them to deliver a successful attack (minus their strength bonus) every round until are forced or chose to release their prey, or the Deep One / Eel Hybrid is slain. 

Monsterous Deep One Hybrid / Eel Hybrid – Strange Offspring of Unspeakable Pairings

Char. Averages rolls

STR   135 (6D6+6) x 5

CON   110 (2D6+15) x 5

SIZ   105 6D6 x 5

DEX     55 3D6 x 5

INT     45 (1D6+6) x 5

POW     55 3D6 x 5

HP 21

Av. Damage Bonus: 2D6

Average Build: 3

Average Magic Points: 11

Move 4 / 8 swimming


Attacks per round: 1 (Bite or by weapon type)

Fighting Attacks: Bite or by weapon type

Fighting, 60% (30 / 12), 1D4+db

Dodge 30% (15 / 6)  

Armor: 2 Points

Skills: Listen 40%, Spot Hidden 40%, Stealth 40%, Swim 90%

Spells: Monstrous Hybrids with a POW of 70 or more may know 1D4 spells (usually connected to Deep Ones, Cthulhu, Hydra, Dagon, and matters relating to the ocean)

Sanity Loss: 0/1D6 to encounter an Eel Deep One Hybrid 

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