Mona / The Monkey Witch

These creatures dwell in the deep jungles and remote mountains of Central America. According to folklore a Mona is created when a witch performs a ritual which grants her to permanently transform her appearance. This new form, that of a large and powerful monkey, is far better suited to survive and remain unnoticed in the wilds. Other tales say these creatures were once normal human women who were abandoned by their husbands or lover. These unfortunate souls then picked a flower from the chilamate tree at midnight and recited a forbidden pledge thus gaining this transformation. No matter what their true origins Mona are a dangerous adversity.  

Mona appear to be large jungle monkeys of an undocumented species, similar in appearance to a howler monkey. However, the largest of these, the Yucatán Black Howler, weights only about 25 pounds. Mona typically weight between 85 and 110 pounds, triple the size and weight of the largest howler monkey on record. Those who’ve seen Mona describe them as terrifying, having human like faces and eyes that convey intelligence. Worst of all are their bone chilling howls.

In combat a Mona can deliver a vicious bite, but they are loath to enter melee combat. They prefer to remain high above opponents in the forest canopy, where their coloring provides them with excellent natural camouflage. Mona will drop or hurl objects at victims from high above in the jungle canopy. Such attacks, if successful, cause 1D3, 1D4 or 1D6 points of damage (depending on object’s mass and the height it was dropped from). Mona retain their human intellect, allowing them to employ strategies, enact ambushes, and prepaid traps for the unwary.

Each Mona knows between 3-8 spells (1D6+2) of the keeper’s choosing. Their new form grants them formidable defenses, as they taking half damage from non-magical weapons and regenerate 1 hit point per hour. However, damage caused by spells or magical weapons, require natural healing, typically 1 hit point per day. 

Lastly these creatures have a horrible howl, part anguished cry and maniacal laugh. While these terrifying calls can be heard for miles around, they are only dangerous at close range. Those between a quarter mile (1320 feet) and 360 feet (the length of a football field) who hear this call must make a Sanity check for 1/1D3. Those within 360 feet of a Mona’s call must make a Sanity check of 1/1D4 points. Mona can howl once every ten minutes, up to six times per day.

One of the creature’s most successful strategies is luring victims deep into the jungle, eroding their sanity with repeated howls. When the time is right they reveal themselves, causing an additional sanity check, in hopes of driving their victims insane. Those driven insane by such methods are cursed to suffer profound drowsiness (1 penalty dice to all actions) and lose the ability to speak. This lasts until the period of insanity ends, possibly lasting many hours, days, months, or even years (in cases of those reduced to zero sanity points). Such curses can be lifted by destroying the Mona who caused it. 

Mona / The Monkey Witch

Char.  Averages rolls

STR     65  (2D6+6) x 5

CON   110  (6D6+1) x 5

SIZ     45  (2D6+2) x 5

DEX     75  (2D6+8) x 5

INT  65 (2D6+6) x 5

POW    75 (2D6+8) x 5

HP  16

Av. Damage Bonus: none.

Average Build: 0

Average Magic Points: 15

Move 9 / 9 climbing


Attacks per round: 1 (Bite or dropped/hurled objects)

Fighting Attacks: Bite, Dropped/Hurled objects

Fighting, Bite 45% (22 / 9), 1D4

Fighting, Dropped/hurled objects 50% (25 / 10), 1D3, 1D4 or 1D6

Dodge 50% (25 / 10)  

Armor: None, takes half damage from non-magical weapons.

Regenerate 1 hit point per hour from most damage (see above).

Skills: Climb 85%, Listen 50%, Spot Hidden 45%, Stealth 75%, Throw 50%.

Spells: Knows 3-8 spells (1D6+2) of the keeper’s choosing.

Sanity Loss:  0/1D4 to encounter see Mona.

1/1D3 to hear the howl of a Mona, between 1320 and 360 feet.

1/1D4 to hear the howl of a Mona, closer than 360 feet.

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