Infested Pumpkin

The smell of rotting sickly pumpkin on the autumn breeze is a warning to all, as the infested go unharvested or worse, used as the heads of scarecrows. The writhing infesting vines, wind their way through the makeshift puppet’s stuffed body, animating it. Skittering on all fours through the cornfields, they delight in catching crows, grinding and popping their hollow bones with glee. In time the infested will bloat, dropping their fattened tendrils into the earth. These twisting and lashing roots burrowing deep to mature and wait for the tilling of the fields. Uprooted they take hold in the new harvest and start a new cycle. If disturbed the infested scarecrow will stalk and hunt intruders, keeping it’s territory free of any life, the kills dragged around, soaking the fields in blood. All the better to grow fat little tendrils in.

Infested Pumpkin
Infested Pumpkin by Graeme Patrick

Infested Pumpkin (Farmyard horror)
SAN Loss
: 1d4/1d10
STR 50
CON 75
SIZ 45
DEX 75
INT 65
POW 70
HP 12
MP 14
DB: 0
Build: 0
Move: 9

Stealth 70%, Acting 50%, Listen 90%, Jump 60%,
Climb 60%, Throw Voice 65% Hypnosis 45%

2 attacks:
Brawl 55% Claws and tendrils 1d6
Throw tendrils 45% If hit will burrow into victim opposed STR 45 roll, failure 1d8 Damage per round, until pulled out

Armour: Min damage from firearms. Fire caused double damage

Known Spells: Wood/Flesh Ward, Human Shrub

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