Cutter Bugs

There had to be a dozen or more, black and glossy, a cross of spiders, beetles and lizards–all of ‘em half the size of my boot. I kicked away a few, but the bastards were fast, so I started stomping. They were hard, their bellies hit the floor with a loud clacking sound. The 12- gauge worked fine though, cracked ‘em open, and some kinda’ thick, black fluid splashed out of
‘em. Bit the shit out of me, but I killed them all.

Gave the damn wizard time to escape, though.—William “Knuckles” Johnson, SSgt, United States Army (Ret.), Security and Combat Specialist for the Manchester Foundation.

Cutter Bugs are black, chitinous creatures with a high gloss. They appear as a cross between spiders, beetles and lizards, and have saw-like legs, similar to those of a cricket. They have no internal organs, and have a thick, black ichor, rather than blood. Cutter Bugs are very fast, entirely focused on task, and fierce in combat. However, they have very limited intelligence.

Cutter Bugs generally occur in swarms of at least a dozen. They are known to be summoned by wizards, though from where remains a mystery, and are sometimes found in areas of Mythos activity. There is no evidence of nesting, nor any activity in nature.

Spells: None.
CUTTER BUGS, Fast, chitinous insect-like things.

Ability scores do not apply to Cutter Bugs.

HP: 10

Build: -4
Magic Points: 8
Move: 16, can crawl on walls and ceiling at same speed


Attacks per round: 1
Fighting attacks: Crawl up leg, 80%, damage 1 HP, subject to Dodge.
While a Cutter Bug is crawling on a person, their saw-like legs do 1 HP of damage/round. Bite (only while crawling on person), 80%, damage 1D4+1, not subject to Dodge

A hard success roll of STR is required to remove a cutter bug from a person. Doing so by hand causes 1 HP of damage.

Dodge: 80%
Armor: 10
Cutter Bugs take double damage from fire attacks.
Skills: None.
Sanity Loss: 1/1D4 Sanity points to see a Cutter Bug, 1 additional point is lost when viewing a swarm.

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