Burning Revenant

The core of these creatures, all forms of Revenant, in fact, are outsider spirits of hate and vengeance which were never human, that have been attracted to individuals who’ve died due to betrayal. These outsider spirits bond with the dying person to reanimate the body, reanimating it for the purposes of enacting vengeance. This vengeance could be against a specific individual, an organization, a family or community, or even society as a whole. 

Burning Revenants are animated corpses of those who have died in a fire. They shamble around, seeking out their chosen target (if they have one), or a likely victim, to vent their anger upon. They moan in pain as they shamble but begin screaming in fury when they fixate on a target. When they get within 30 feet of a victim they begin to glow like hot embers, with small flames emerging from their cracked skins. When within 15 feet of someone, they burst into flames, causing damage (1D3* points of damage per round) to anyone near them due to the intense heat. 

Burning Revenant, by Brad Hicks

In Combat: Burning Revenants attack with their burning limbs, punching, slapping, and kicking at their victims. This causes an incredible amount of damage, both from the heat, open flames, and the force of the attacks (1D3+1D3*+DB). Should a victim manage to escape after being attacked, the damage continues for another turn, as the victim’s hair, clothing, and flesh continues to burn and melt away (1D2 points of damage on the round following the attack; possibly combined with the 1D3* points of damage if still within 15 feet of an active Burning Revenant. Some of these creatures use weapons and even wear a form of armor (see below).

Burning Revenants are not consumed by their own fires, nor do they ever go out. A firehose can be turned on them and the fluid would turn to steam before it reaches them. Even if fully submerged in water they burn, as if they were a flare or covered in napalm. However, a Burning Revenant’s fire becomes half as intense if they’re being doused with water or are submerged (the 15-foot radius damage is eliminated and their attack damage becomes 1D3+1*+DB, with no post attack damage inflicted).

Creation and Firefighter Variant: Traditionally, these creatures are created due to acts of arson and are few in number. Sometimes, a betrayed firefighter becomes a Burning Revenant, becoming a much more dangerous threat, as they wear protective gear and helmets. The firefighting tools they carry can be used as formidable weapons (fire axes, fire hooks, pry tools, bush rakes, etc). Mysteriously, these pieces of equipment aren’t damaged by the supernatural flames of these creatures. 

Unfortunately, in recent years scores of these deadly variants have been created, mostly in the state of California. This is due to cases of smoke jumpers sacrificed to die and the conscription of prisoners to combat forest and brush fires. When bands of these prisoners die fighting these raging fires outsider spirits are waiting, searching for those with strong enough feelings of betrayal and a deep enough desire for vengeance to form a bond with. These creatures then willingly spread the fires they were sacrificed to fight.

SKELETAL FORM, ooze-powered ossium


(4D6+6) × 5
(2D6+8) × 5
(2D6+6) × 5
3D6 × 5
(2D6+1) × 5
(2D6+5) × 5


Average Hit Points: 14
Average Damage Bonus: +1D6
Average Build: 2
Average Magic Points: 12
Move: 8

Attacks per round: 1 (burning blows or with firefighting tool)
Most Burning Revenants attack with powerful blows from their burning limbs. The firefighter variant whatever firefighting tools they died holding as a melee weapons.

Fighting (Brawl) 45% (22/9), damage 1D3+1D3*+DB, or with Firefighting Tools (1D8+1D3*+DB)
Automatic 1 point of damage, per round, when within 15 feet of a Burning Revenant*
Dodge 0% (Burning Revenants rarely dodge)

* = Other Forms of Damage (heat and fire)

Spot the Living 60%.

Armor (standard): None; a major wound results in the loss of a limb—otherwise, ignore damage except to the head (one penalty die on rolls to target the head).
Armor (firefighter): 3 points of armor; a major wound results in the loss of limb otherwise, ignore damage except to the head (one penalty die on rolls to target the head).
Spells: None.
Sanity Loss: 1/1D8 to encounter a decaying Burning Revenant.

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