Akaname (yokai)

Small, goblin-like creatures that feed off the filth and excrement of human habitation. They possess a long and sticky tongue, used for feeding. Akaname are associated with the unclean places of human habitation: bath houses, out houses, etcetera. They are especially attracted to areas with large, hard to clean spaces, such as prisons, flop houses, and sewers. They are not picky and, just as cockroaches do not discriminate, Akaname are found in the spaces occupied by the both the rich and the poor. They have
an uncanny ability to remain unseen by humans, although dogs and cats can sense their presence; when the family dog is staring at a spot on a wall, or scratching at a corner of a tatami mat; when the house cat stands with arched back and fur on end, they are more likely than not chasing a mouse or other common commensurate pest, but sometimes they sense that they are in the presence of an Akaname. Even the mildest mannered pet will attack an Akaname once their presence is detected, and many a beloved family friend has met their end by attacking the disease-ridden yokai.

They spread disease, and any bite or claw attack comes with a CON roll to avoid a penalty die for 1D10 hours

STR 2D6x5 (35) CON 2D6+6×5 (65) SIZ 2D6+3×5 (50) DEX 3d6x5 (60)
INT 2d6+6×5 (65) APP 1D6x5 (20) POW 3d6x5 (50) EDU SAN HP (5)
DBBUILD (0) MOVE (9) MP (-)

Skills: Stealth 80%

Attacks/ round 2(claw) or 1(bite)
Claw 50% (25/10) 1D3 + special
Bite 60% (30/12) 1D6 + special
The Akaname will attempt to grab (50%) as a fighting maneuver then bite
SAN 2/1D6

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