Aperson children

In a tiny little village in the middle of nowhere, flanked by forest on either side, resides a nearly childless community, save for the Aperson twins.

All of the other children in the village have vanished never to be seen again. The parents don’t seem to ever suspect any foul play, just God’s will, they suppose. No one has ever been in the Aperson house, or seen their parents. Tim O’Brien, their caretaker, is the only adult they have ever seen come in or out of the house. He’s a friendly guy, very charismatic, and everyone knows him and seems to like him, though he can come off a bit intense at times. Unknown to the casual observer, however, a few decades ago, the village was just an average community, with families, and children playing on the playground, running about. Tim was a loner, a drunk teetering on the edge of ending it all. All he ever wanted was a family of his own, children to love and care for, but he never did find anyone to start a family with. He discovered an old book at a nearby estate sale, buried in a box of useless antiques. It spoke of “The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young”. He was a fan of gothic horror, and figured it would be a decent read. Then the dreams started. The book began to speak to him as he slept, putting images in his head. He thought maybe this was his way to finally have the family he always wanted. Using the baleful techniques taught to him in those feverish dreams, he summoned her, begged her for children of his own, no matter the cost. She obliged, on the condition that he always care for them, feed them, protect their secrets, and she also gave him power to make the townsfolk forget, increased strength, and intelligence. Anyone that questioned where the children came from, he just “reminded” them that he had always cared for them, and over the years, everyone forgot the truth. Slowly, the other children began disappearing. See, the Aperson children lived on a steady diet of sinew, flesh, and viscera. Children tasted better, and were easier to subdue. Sometimes Tim didn’t exactly like it, but he loved his children. The third child, the one no one knew about, lived in the attic of their home, too hideous to leave the house, had the biggest appetite of all. This had been going on for over 20 years, yet the siblings never aged. Again, Tim used his powers to make local people forget this. If anyone were to question townspeople about the mysterious family, they may give subtle hints of the past before getting confused and wondering what the question was again. 

Bethany Aperson is a skinny, porcelain-skinned girl with long, raven colored hair. She appears to be around 12 years old, and prefers to wear dresses and a bow in her hair most of the time. She doesn’t say much usually, and doesn’t smile much due to her crowded teeth. She is usually spotted with some college level book in her hand.

Nathan Aperson , also skinny, taller than his sister, and with a pallid complexion . His black, greasy hair is almost always pasted to his forehead. He is also about 12 years old in appearance. He has a nervous demeanor, and rarely leaves the house unless accompanied by his sister or Tim.

-Both are very intelligent, owed to what is apparently excellent home-school tutoring from their guardian Tim, as there is no record of them ever having attended school. They also appear to be quite strong for children their age. 
Pat Aperson– the third sibling that no one knows about, is hideous to behold. She is around 7 feet tall, with only one human arm and 3 viscous tentacles protruding from her torso. Her skin is a washed out gray, with 7 toes on each gnarled foot. She shambles about with a limping gait due to one leg being more cephalopod in appearance than human. Her teeth are serrated, with gelatinous ooze constantly dripping from them. Her eyes are symmetrically applied haphazardly across the area an onlooker would presume to be a face.

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