Fly Man: Unique Entity (aka The Fly God, Mr. Swarm)

“As I stared into the open mass grave–filled with our men, women and children–my despair overcame the revulsion of the horrific stench. Slowly, my despair devolved into seething rage and a desperate need for justice. God had turned his back on us, so I called out into the universe for any who would provide retribution. The thousands of flies which crawled upon our people swarmed upward, swirling into a black mass which settled into the form of a man from whom I felt an ancient and terrible consciousness. My initial horror slowly bled into a sick form of worship as I realized this being, this god, would gratify my lust for vengeance.”

Fly man will manifest only in the presence of someone who is in blind rage of unjust, large scale killing and of the dead themselves, who must be swarming with flies.

If the summoner is aware of the existence of Fly Man and therefore summons him intentionally, calling him requires the expenditure of 4 POW. Otherwise, he may appear to someone ignorant of him but in the same situation. This costs the accidental summoner 2D6 Magic Points. Then their knowledge of Fly Man causes the POW loss as above for any future callings. There is no actual spell for summoning Fly Man.

Fly Man appears as a dense mass of a buzzing flies in humanoid form. It will know the source of the summoner’s rage and will transform into a swarm and fly toward them. If the target is more than a quarter of a mile away, Fly Man will simply disperse. Otherwise, it will engulf 2D6 victims, crawling on their eyes, entering their nostrils, ears, mouth and other bodily openings.

The damage caused is by choking as hundreds of flies thunder down the person’s throat. In the first round they must make a CONx5 roll, failure resulting in 1D6 damage. In subsequent rounds they must make a CONx4, CONx3 etc., each failure resulting in another 1D6 damage. Once the target has rolled CONx1, Fly Man leaves in a thinning cloud of buzzing flies.

Fly Man

SIZ 12
INT 10
POW 14
DEX 20
Move 12
HP 30/

Damage Bonus: N/A

Weapons: None

Attack Swarm, damage see above.

Armor: None. Fly Man is immune to physical attacks. It takes full damage from magical attacks as well as fire and electricity.

Spells: None

Skills: None

Sanity Loss: 1D6 to see Fly Man in human form, 1D6+2 if attacked.

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