New: Chaosium online shopping catalog

The Chaosium online shopping catalog is now live. We have hooked the catalog
up to our familiar product pages so that now, when you order, we get your
information directly across our secure, encrypted system.

We invite you to stop by the website and the catalog and to take a look
around. To get to the catalog directly point your browser to the address
below. You can also get there by pressing the ORDER button on Chaosium site
product pages.

We have our current, in-print products currently represented. In the coming
weeks we will be adding more product we feel might interest you.

Please forgive us if you happen to receive this notice more than once. We
are sending it to members of the Miskatonic University Library Association,
the Strange Aeons mailing list and our other lists, and a host of other

So, thanks for your interest in our products and we hope to serve you well
when you visit our site.

Thanks again!

The Chaosium Guys

Chaosium Inc

Publisher of Books & Games

895 B Street #423

Hayward, CA 94541

phone 510-452-4658 ? Fax 510-452-4659

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