Happy New Year from Chaosium!

May the New Year bring us all plenty of joy, rewards, and Crunchy Chaosium Goodness.

2002 was a pretty good year for Chaosium. While we didn’t publish all the books we had hoped, we did manage to release eight new

CHA 2018 Slaves of Fate (d20) Jan

CHA 6026 The Book of Eibon Mar

CHA 8801 D20 Cthulhu GM Screen (COC d20) July

CHA 0082 d20 T-shirt Sep

CHA 2006 Basic Roleplaying Sep

CHA 8802 H.P. Lovecraft’s Dunwich (Dual Stat) Oct

CHA 6034 Necronomicon 2nd edition Dec

CHA 2395 Keeper’s Companion 2 Dec


In addition to these eight releases, Chaosium made a lot of administrative changes over the
course of 2002. While these changes are invisible to most of you, we believe they have positioned us for a very successful 2003.

Our main goal in 2003 is to release 12 new titles, averaging one per month. We’ve made a good start towards this goal by sending
our first release, H.P. Lovecraft’s Arkham (http://www.chaosium.com/cthulhu/d20/8803.shtml), to the printer this week.
While this book may not hit the store shelves until early February, having our first release so early in the year is a very good

Our next three releases, expected about one per month, are Disciples of Cthulhu 2
Secrets of Japan

(http://www.chaosium.com/cthulhu/rpg/2392.shtml), H.P. Lovecraft’s Kingsport
and our Encyclopedia Cthulhiana
reprint (http://www.chaosium.com/cthulhu/fiction/6022.shtml). These books should keep us
plenty busy through the end of May.

Other books will of course follow. Many of these books have been previously announced. H.P. Lovecraft’s Dreamlands
, Miskatonic University
, the very nearly lost Secrets of San Francisco
, The White People
& Other Tales
, Arkham Horror
, and Pulp Cthulhu
should all see print in the coming year. There are also some surprises coming, and several reprints as well. All in all, we have a
very busy year ahead of us!

While the New Year has just begun, we’re already hard at work on our upcoming convention season. Chaosium will be attending at
least 7 conventions this year, maybe more. Each of these conventions almost
counts as a new release for us, given the amount of work we put into them, and the amount of office time we give up to attend
these shows. Being able to meet many of you face to face and promote our books and games makes all the effort worthwhile.

Here are the shows we know we are attending in 2003. If you’re attending any of these shows, please run some Chaosium games!
You’ll find a link to each event below.

Ghengis Con

2/13/2003 – 2/16/2003

Denver, CO


Event Deadline: Now (but run an event anyway!)


February 14-17, 2003

San Ramon CA (SF Bay Area)


Event Deadline: January 8


June 26-29, 2003 Greater Columbus Convention Center


Pre-reg book Deadline January 10th

Gen Con Indy ’03

July 24th – July 27th

Indianapolis, IN

Event Deadline: March 7, 2003.



August 20th or thereabouts (H.P. Lovecraft’s Birthday)

Providence, RI



Early September

Denver, CO


In addition to the Shows above, Chaosium staffers will likely attend a couple of Bay Area shows. We’ll also be at the Game
Manufacturer’s Association Trade show in March, and the Book Expo Trade Show in Late May.

We’ve been invited to many other shows as well. While we’d like to attend them all, we can’t afford to spend too much time away
from the office or we’ll never get any real work done. Besides, we’d rather spend our money printing new books. But if some
convention jumps up and offers us a free convention experience, who knows? Maybe we can squeeze in another show.

Others Chaosium Goals for 2003: Find a bigger location for our California Offices. Revamp the
website (we have a crack cultist working on that now). Quarterly promotional events at game shops and cons run by our Chaosium
Missionaries. Upgrade some of our computers. Find more Chaosium GM’s to run events for us. Finally convince every last gamer and
game retailer that we’re not abandoning our Classic/BRP Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game in favor of d20. Raise R’lyeh. Make our
wives happy. Not necessarily in that order.

Thank you all for your past support – we couldn’t be here without you. We look forward to a wild ride with you in 2003.

Ia! Ia! Chaosium!

Dustin Wright- Chaosium Colorado "Leng Embassy"

/|\_(@jjjj@)_/|\     http://www.chaosium.com

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