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Happy Holidays from Chaosium!

We want to thank all of you for your support over the past year. 2001 saw us greatly improve our printing schedule over that of
2000, from six printing cycles (new books and reprints) to about fourteen this year. For the first time in a couple of years we
are not out of the CALL OF CTHULHU rulesbook over Christmas (huzzah!). We’ve celebrated the 20th anniversary of the original
release of CALL OF CTHULHU. Since 1981 we have published about 100 supplements and adventures for the game, some of them quite
memorable. We look forward to bringing you another 100 Call of Cthulhu releases in the coming years.

 As we head into the new year, we want to take an opportunity to let you know some of our goals for 2002. So here we will go
out on a limb.

 Usually, we try not so speak of projects too far ahead. Merely mentioning upcoming books without knowing specific release
dates, sizes, and prices results in Dustin getting way too much email. But we feel it is important to be clear with our most
important audience, our fans, about what we are doing. This is the latest, mostly up-to-date information and prognostication that
we are capable of. Be aware that this is a rough outline only. Events in the course of business can alter these general release


Generally speaking, we feel that we have not been releasing enough support material for CALL OF CTHULHU. We would like to produce
more, and we are pushing authors to get more material ready. We want to keep certain core books in better supply. The
INVESTIGATOR’s COMPANION and CREATURE COMPANION are perennial good-sellers and both are at the printers at this moment. We’ve just
received a reprint of the Investigators Companion, and will start shipping it soon.

On the board, in various states of readiness, include the THE KEEPER’S COMPANION VOL. 2, which contains additional background and
source material for Call of Cthulhu keepers.

The SAN FRANCISCO GUIDEBOOK contains 1920s background and adventures for Call of Cthulhu. The layout is supposed to be done by the
end of December. This project has been plagued by minions of the mythos resulting in several delays, so we best not speak too
loudly of this book.

We have revised H.P. LOVECRAFT’S DREAMLANDS. We are including a fold-out, color Map of the Dreamlands that has been redrawn and
beautifully illustrated by Andy Hopp. He also doodled-up an array of page and box decorations. Four scenarios that appeared in the
first edition, and that were omitted from the fourth ed., are restored and updated to reflect rules modifications made since then.
We will be releasing this book in a hardback.

We’re also working on a Japan sourcebook for Call of Cthulhu, a modern Day Arkham Sourcebook, and somewhere out there is one hell
of a Miskatonic University Sourcebook & Campaign for the Roaring 20’s.



March heralds the release of the d20 edition of CALL OF CTHULHU under license from Chaosium and released by Wizards of the Coast.
We have been working with a number of authors and artists to prepare supplements for that rulesbook. Our first effort will be PULP
CTHULHU, Reckless Adventures in the 1930s. The idea is that we develop the decade of the 1930s for the d20 system, to be a bit
more action-oriented. Another author is already signed-up to also create a separate PULP CTHULHU adventure. Of course we’ll be
making this Pulp Cthulhu material available to our core Basic Roleplaying System audience as well!



SLAVES OF FATE is now an 88 page adventure, up from our original plan of a 32-page book. This book is nearly ready for the
printer. Its companion, STRAITS OF CHAOS, will have a manuscript here in about a week. Finally, we will release a core book called
CULTS OF LAW & CHAOS which explores the religious structures of the Young Kingdoms and gives a plethora of information about
spells, prestige classes, and other secrets from those sacred orders.



RIVER OF TEARS is a Stormbringer adventure, the manuscript should be here by the end of December. We’ll also be releasing a new
Stormbringer GM screen in the coming months. We also hope to finally release a Young Kingdoms Bestiary.



We’ll have a full slate of fiction in the coming year. We are about to ship NAMELESS CULTS, a collection of the Mythos tales of
Conan creator Robert E. Howard. In early 2002 we will release DISCIPLES OF CTHULHU II, new Mythos fiction edited by Berglund. THE
BOOK OF EIBON, edited by Robert Price will also see print soon.

We want to reprint a couple of fiction titles as soon as we can, namely the NECRONOMICON and the ENCYCLOPEDIA CTHULHIANA. Speaking
of the latter: we also want to release a hardback edition of the Encyclopedia in a special Illustrated Edition. It would be great
to have many of the entries illustrated, and the whole printed on a good coated paper-stock, a two-color page format, and new
cover illustration.



This summer our buddies at Headfirst will release their Dark Corners of the Earth Call of Cthulhu Computer game. Bringing new
blood into the world of Call of Cthulhu.

Last but certainly not least, we’re looking at the possibility of releasing a 15th anniversary edition of ARKHAM HORROR, our
classic Call of Cthulhu board game.

Don’t see the Chaosium book that has been haunting your dreams? We’re taking submissions for all of our game lines. You too could
be a Chaosium writer.

Thanks again for your support!

Charlie, David, Dustin & Lynn.

The Chaosium Dudes.

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