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Bonescraw can come in many forms, depending on which creature has been digested. Typically a human skeleton will look similar to how it normally appears, but will look odd with some bones being reassembled out of their usual place, meaning the creature will have be top heavy, or have a strange lilt to one side. The overall form is a strange, shambling thing. Some bones in the arms and chest may have been repurposed into spines used for stabbing attacks. The skeleton is filled with mud, moss and lichen, the tendrils of which cover the outer bones and hold the form in place.

Moss Skeletons

I want your skull, I need your skull

— The Misfits

Typically native to marshlands and lowland wooded areas the Bonescraw are in fact a single, semi-sentient bryophyte which fell to Earth on an ancient meteorite. Once it has contaminated an area it will spread as a deep, dense network of carnivorous, acidic moss and lichen that blights the land. Any creature unfortunate enough to enter the moss falls prey to the sedative pollen that it releases and is slowly dissolved and digested, leaving only their bones behind.

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