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Fiat Lux—A Patron (And An Antagonist) for the Cthulhu Invictus Setting

“I tell you the truth that you don’t want to hear. She tells you the truth that you shouldn’t want to hear. And when the Second Dawn comes, The Son of the Bull will tell you the truth that you can’t imagine, the truth that people only dream of during a Golden Age.”

Lucius Gaius, High Priest of Fiat Lux.

Overview: Fringe sects and splinter religious movements were constantly cropping up in Classical-era Rome, originating from all corners of the Empire. Within the state-recognized system of pietas, or religious loyalty, there was a fair amount of room for experimentation. These sects often portrayed themselves as a new aspect or newly enlightened understanding of an old, familiar god. As long as they did not directly challenge the established order or make powerful enemies, during much of the Roman era these “reinterpretations” of recognized religions were generally tolerated.

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