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The Autóphagos

someone eagerly and disgustingly chewing their own calf muscles off, whilst their neck stretches to eat more. Preferably a close up, not necessarily seeing their whole body but in a position to know that the long-necked head is eating it's own body

“Phagos” is the Greek suffix for “eating”, and “auto” means the self. The Autóphagos are  humans who devour themselves while becoming an appalling creature. Whether they are infected with a disease, cursed, able to transcend death and transform through intense self hatred or, instead, are preternatural creatures incubating as homo sapiens has not been  determined. 

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One-eyed Goblins

A one-eyed goblin resembles the semi-transparent head of a little boy, with one large single eye and a mouth housing a long, prehensile tongue that generates a displacing shock upon contact. It has a button nose, wiggly ears, untidy hair and brattish grin that sometimes misses a tooth.

Many cultures feature legends of uniocular people or monsters: the Arimaspi (Greek), Likho  (Slavic), and of course, Cyclopses. Japan’s Hitotsume kozō and kasa-obake, both being  somewhat cute, mischievous yōkai are closest in depiction and demeanor to these pests, which  likely originated the myths of monocular entities. The character of Slimer from the  Ghostbusters franchise is a binocular cousin to this strain of goblin.  

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Void Speck

A tiny black hole, maybe the size of a pencil erase at most, or a period. It annihilates anything it touches, so in and of itself doesn't look like much, but the devastation it wreaks would be more visible; think of doing an extreme close up of someone's face where the Void Speck went through their face, or a TNT detonator, or a scuba air line, or a spaceship, or...anything where a tiny hole is hugely bad.

“Out, damn spot! Out, I say!” 

–Lady Macbeth
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Special message to 黒扇娘娘的信使 (@zealotofBW)



Unfortunately entries will have to be in English, but don’t despair. We are looking into porting our content into multiple languages soon. I apologize for the poor google translation of this message. If we get enough requests though, expect to see me begging for translation volunteers! We actually tried to port the site to japanese back in 2002 but couldn’t find any interested volunteers.

With that all said, I welcome all the horrible things that you and your followers can bring us from Japanese folklore and mythology!

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