Introducing Matthew Davenport!

This is a Picture of a fair skinned male wearing glasses with a well manicured beard. His facial expression is one of bemused confusion.

Matt Davenport

Well, this is awkward. An introductory post on

Dang it! I mean exciting.

It would only be awkward if I were a Mi-Go, hiding in the flesh of Matthew Davenport, a new editor at

And I’m not. That’d be silly.

Since I’m obviously not an alien being that travels through time and space choosing to currently be wearing a Matt-Suit, I’d love to tell you a little bit about him … err, me!

First the obvious stuff: I’m a writer who has an infatuation with H.P. Lovecraft and all of his dreaded works.

When I say that I’m a writer, I mean that I’m a self-published author of seven books. When I mention an infatuation with that author of weird tales, I specifically mean that at least three of my books and one short story are Lovecraftian in nature, and that all of them, even the book Self-Publish Without Spending Money, have at least one reference to the dark master.

My Lovecraftian tales are what caught the eye of the folks at Sean Hoade, another editor and scribe on this wonderful site, had read some of my works and enjoyed them thoroughly. We became fast pen pals with the end result being this awkward …err, I mean awesome! introductory post.

Of my works, the Lovecraftian titles are probably worth mentioning, at least in passing. My first Lovecraft-inspired novel was The Trials of Obed Marsh. In working on it, I spent a year brushing the dust off of every Lovecraft compendium I had stacked in boxes in the basement and reacquainting myself with my favorite tale, The Shadow Over Innsmouth. The Trials of Obed Marsh is the end result of that work. In it, a young Obed Marsh, living in a quaint Protestant port town, is forced to ask himself the question, “How many sins will it take to make my home the shining beacon I know it can be?” It’s a story that shows that the road of good intentions leads directly to Y’ha-nthlei.

My next two inspired novels and one short story were born from another random fact of Matt’s … I mean mine. I was previously an archaeologist for a few years, and with great trench work comes a great fascination with Indiana Jones. Combined with my love of a certain horror writer, I had a dream of an archaeologist hero who wouldn’t faint when a shoggoth chased him out of a cave. Instead, Dr. Andrew Doran and his colleagues would punch it square in the jaw.

The result was The Statement of Andrew Doran, its sequel Andrew Doran at the Mountains of Madness, and the prequel story The Early Adventures of Andrew Doran.


The Trials of Obed Marsh and Self-Publish Without Spending Money

To be honest, I really love writing Andrew Doran stories, especially with the grand images of Howard’s nightmares.

That’s neither here nor there, what really matters is learning more about this new guy who’s going to be peeking around corners here at

The final thing you should know about me is that I love helping authors and creators. So much so that I’ve dedicated my website to it. Through, I help authors get the tools they need to create their works and meet freelance editors, cover artists, and voice actors for their audio books.

Matt likes to write, enjoys Lovecraft, and loves helping authors and creators get their works to completion.

Sounds like I chose a cool body to inhabit … I mean, I’m pretty cool!

Stay tuned while I try to bring some of that coolness you’re direction. As I dream of Borea and stand my ground at the oncoming hordes of Brown Jenkins.

Or would a group of Brown Jenkins be called Brown Jinkies?

Is that what Velma was really trying to warn everyone about?


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