Katachi no Shouyu

The Katachi no Shouyu is an experiment gone wrong. One of the functions that the shouyokai fulfill is that of an organic battery used to power ongoing spells such as gates. Vast numbers of shouyokai are linked together using technology absorbed from the knowledge of countless civilizations that have fallen to the mold. One such array was disrupted in Edo Period Nippon during the reign of Tokugawa Iemitsu resulting in the creation of a formless mass of viscous black protoplasm reeking of soy sauce. The faces of the individual shouyu occasionally bubble up and are visible along the surface of the Katachi, and there is a constant screaming sound coming from it as its once-human components writhe in pain, constantly being consumed.

It has the ability to form crude appendages/pseudopods with which it can attack and grasp opponents, a successful grab will pull the victim towards it as a vertical slit opens along its length, forming a maw lined with sharp teeth. Once it starts to consume a being, its move is reduced by half, and it cannot eat another being until the current meal either breaks free or is
consumed (reduced to zero Hit Points). Then it simply slithers away, leaving a pile of festering compost in its wake. It can, however, still attack with pseudopods while it eats.

STR 4d6+10×5 (120) CON 6d6+10×5 (155) SIZ 3d6+3×5 (65) DEX 3d6x5 (50)
INT 2d6+6×5 (65) APP – POW 3d6x5 (50) EDU – SAN – HP (22) DB (1d6)
BUILD (2) MOVE (9) MP (-)

Attacks/ round 2

Fighting 75% (37/15) 1D6+2 +DB
Engulf (maneuver) 75% (37/15) 1D6/round opposed strength roll to break free.
SAN 1D6/1D10

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