Ink Man

He was tall and slender, with pale yellow skin, all-black eyes rimmed in red, and a long, silver-grey pony tail. His ink-stained fingers were unusually long, and cold to the touch. His clothes were old fashioned, from decades ago, and formal–black tails and a top hat. They were slightly worn, but in good repair.
His voice was like gravel, yet deep, warm, and strangely soothing. His forehead was mostly occupied by a strange, yellow tattoo. Just seeing it made me cry, and I was terrified. Still, I knew I needed him. He would make it all better.

–Dr. William Larson, neurosurgeon, convicted axe murderer, and cannibal.

“Ink Man,” or “Tattoo Man,” is an avatar of Nyarlathotep. He most often dwells in slums, where he is sought out by the discarded and downtrodden. However, word of him sometimes spreads to the wealthy and powerful who seek to further improve their lot in life. Naturally, rumors of his gifts generally sound more beneficial than they are.

Ink man speaks in a calm and deliberate manner.

Power: While in conversation with an individual, Ink Man may make a contested POW test, spending however much POW the Keepers deems appropriate. If successful, Ink Man may exert one compulsion on the victim. He may wish to apply a tattoo, gain information, or whatever the Keeper deems suitable. Then he calmly walks away, and the victim may move freely.

Power: Ink Man, using only a needle and stained bottle of ink, may apply a tattoo on the forehead of a human. The recipient is magically affected in a manner dependent on the particular image, at the Keeper’s discretion. A few suggestions are at the bottom of this entry.

Spells: None

Ink Man, Insidious applier of body art.


STR: 100
CON: 120
SIZ: 55
DEX: 100
INT: 120
POW: 150
HP: 17
Damage Bonus: +1D4
Build: +1
Magic Points: 30

Move: 9

ATTACKS: Any mêlée weapon at hand, base %chance to hit, damage per weapon +db

Dodge 50%

Armor: None–Ink Man is affected only by magical attack. If reduced to zero magic points, Ink Man disperses into dust, and vanishes. He will appear later, and elsewhere, when drawn by sufficient desperation and/or greed.

Skills: Languages (all) 100%, Listen 70%, Spot Hidden 70%, Stealth 70%, Be Pale and Creepy 100%

Sanity Loss: None

Suggested Tattoos:
Elder Sign: The person receiving the tattoo spends the 10 magic points.
Enthrall Victim: This appears as a black, hypnotic spiral. This works exactly as the spell on p. 258 of the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu rule book, except the caster must place their hand on the forehead of the target.
Flesh Ward: Black concentric circles, with a dot in the center. This continually seeps a trace of blood. The recipient may activate this as per the spell, on p. 253 of the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu rule book.
Shriveling: Black shape of a man, sagging and losing bits. This works exactly as the spell on p. 262 of the 7th edition Call of Cthulhu rule book, except the caster is also affected, losing half as many hit points as the target.
Summon Byakhee: No whistle is required, and the spell may be used at any time of year. It requires the expenditure of 5 magic points. The Byakhee is compliant.

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