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HP Lovecraft : Cthulhu mythos ,the great old ones II

Fresh off the heels of their previous successful Kickstarter, Rykar Jove astounds us once again with a new batch of blasphemous idols as rendered in breathtaking pewter. Check the video below!

Back it today!
UPDATE: It just made funding!! Now’s the time to get in on this if you’re looking for a good kickstarter!

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The Colouring Out of Space Kickstarter!

Check out this Lovecraftian coloring book by Strange Arcade!

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The King in Yellow Christmas Cards!

Don’t miss your chance to back the Kickstarter for these amazing Christmas cards by Studio WonderCabinet, featuring the art of Heather Hudson!

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The Book of Three Gates on Kickstarter!

Back it today!

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Heroes of Red Hook Kickstarter!

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Coming Soon: More Heroes of Redhook News!

The genius’s at GoldenGoblin Press have released the preview video for Heroes of Redhook Video!!

Myself, I’m anxiously awaiting this kickstarter’s launch and in the venerable words of one Philip J. Fry, I must demand; “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!”

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Coming Soon! Heroes of RedHook by Golden Goblin Press!

The cover for Golden Goblin Press's Heroes of Red Hook

The cover for Golden Goblin Press’s Heroes of Red Hook

The fine folks over at Golden Goblin Press tipped us off that their newest kickstarter project is almost ready.  We couldn’t be more excited about their newest fiction offering.  While you know that we’re going to post the link as soon as it is up, go ahead and get your mouth watering over what we can release to you so far (story details after the fold)

Heroes of Red Hook, the fifth Kickstarter from Golden Goblin Press, is a compilation of short cosmic horror stories set in the 20’s and 30’s. It is our 3rd fiction collection, following Tales of Cthulhu Invictus and Dread Shadows in Paradise. Heroes of Red Hook will be a 100,000 word collection, twice the size of our previous collections. What makes this project unique in that it features protagonists who are immigrant, minorities, independent women, non-Christian, and members of the LGBT. Our heroes and heroines struggle to overcome not only the dark horrors beyond mankind’s understanding, but a society seeking to deny them basic human rights.
Kickstarter launches on June 20th, and ends on July 25th.

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Cthulhu Holiday Ornaments: Lovecraft Horror on your tree.

Back it today!

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STRANGE ARCADE- hand painted D&D + Cthulhu inspired t-shirts

Back it today!

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Finally! Lovecraftian Christmas Cards!

Cthulhu Christmas cards!

Aren’t you tired of the same old Christmas cards, maybe something with a reference to evil incarnate but lacking that TRUE Lovecraftian feel?

Well, take a look at what Daniel and Heather Gelon have for you on Kickstarter!

From their Kickstarter page:

We love giving and receiving holiday cards, but best of all we love giving and receiving cards that reflect our special view of the universe. For several years we’ve made our own cards, by hand, but this year we want to do more. This year we want to have a Lovecraft Christmas.

CardPromo Continue reading »

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