The Tikbalang, horse demon of the Philippines

The Tikbalang is a tall humanoid monster with a circus strongman’s body and the hind legs and head of a horse. It haunts the jungles and mountains of the Philippines, running through the night in search of lost travelers. Once it finds someone it will use it’s shapeshifting powers to confuse and misdirect the traveler to lose their direction and wander the jungle until they collapse from exhaustion.

A tikbalang’s height ranges from between 10 feet and 15 feet, with it’s disproportionately long legs comprising over half of it’s overall height. It has the long, powerful hind legs of a horse that end in sharp hooves. It’s torso, arms, and hands are more powerful and muscular than the strongest man. The tikbalang has the head of a horse with red eyes that can sometimes burn with fire. It’s long legs allow it to run quickly through the remote jungles of the Philippines.

The tikbalang can shapeshift to resemble a human that a traveler would recognize such as a friend, relative, or trusted person. It will use this ability to lead the traveler on the wrong path or the wrong direction until they collapse from exhaustion or far enough away from others in order to attack them.

The Tikbalang, horse demon of the Philippines

STR 100 CON 80 SIZ 100 DEX 100 INT 60
Damage Bonus: +1D6

Attacks per round: 2
Fighting 75% 2D6+DB
Trample 35% 2D8+DB
Dodge 50%

Armor: 3-point hide
Sanity Loss: 1/1D6

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