The Seer

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“Hidden in the trees, I watch as the chaos before me casts illuminates the starless night.  The flames climb high towards the heavens.  The screams of those burning alive will haunt me until I die. This is what I wanted, I tell myself. I wanted all of those in this small, hideous town to die for what they did to me.  Then out of the corner of my eye, I see a young child emerge from the house.  I step back and scream in pain.  They told me my little girl was gone.  I believed them.  This child looks like me and Stephanie.  There is no doubt about it.

I look at the witch beside me.  I don’t know what she really is, but she has powers beyond my understanding.  ‘We have to save h&mdash”  I stop speaking.  It is too late.  I have killed my own child.  I run towards the building with the biggest flames and look forward to death.  As the flames burn my flesh and I begin to suffocate, I see my little girl walk towards the witch.  I try to scream and stop her, but the smoke in my lungs or maybe the witch stops me.  The witch grasps the hand of my daughter, and they walk away.  And then I die.”

                                              From the memories of Cole Mitchell

Great leaders have been consulting seers since the beginning of time.  Nobody knows of the truth of how they exist.  The seer’s themselves claim that they are part of an ancient bloodline that started with the great gods of the past.  They claim they were created to stop one being or race from becoming to powerful.  They seer race has always claimed to use their powers to keep balance on earth.  An equal proportion of good and bad is what they desired.

Throughout history, there are some reports of rogue seers.  These women worked exclusively for good or evil.  They did not want balance, but sought to achieve their own agenda.  If you look throughout history, seers have been at the side of great leaders as wives, mothers, sisters, friends and so on.  Most of the time their existence goes unnoticed.  Some leaders who have discovered their powers sought to abuse the power, but in truth it is not possible to abuse the seer’s power.  She must be willing and working for the same goal.

The seer is a human female.   She can be of any race, born into any economic status.  Looks very, but she usually has an aura of innocence about her as well as deviance.  It can be hard to interpret by others.  She is born to a woman who may or may not have seer qualities.  She will grow up like all babies, and reach milestones like all children of her age.  Her special abilities will manifest sometime before puberty.  With guidance of another seer she can learn to control the powers much easier than on her own.  Seers without guidance have a higher rate of leaning to one extreme or the other for good or bad.  They also have a higher rate of suicide.

When a seer takes a sexual partner, she connects with him on a deeper level than possible with other relationships.  It is very likely that her partner will not be able to be happy with anyone but her.  Unfortunate is the strain of seer abilities can make it hard to be unhappy with the seer herself.  Seers frequently have on and off again relationships.


STR 10     CON 10     SIZ 13     INT 13     POW 10

DEX 10     APP 10     EDU 13     HP 12

Damage Bonus: +0

Weapons: Telepathic Influence: Exert telepathic control over humans.

Armor: none

Skills: Anthropology 27%, Bargain 30%, Craft: Divination 75%, Fast Talk 45%, History 38%, Library Use 45%, Listen 45%, Occult 68%, Persuade 65%, Photography 28%, Psychology 58%, Spot Hidden 45%

Sanity Loss: –0/6 Upon successful divination or telepathic influence

Special Abilities:

Divination – Through use of some means of divination, the seer can use her skill ranking to peek into the future or view the past.  She must use some media such as tarot cards, runes or a crystal ball.  This list is not exclusive.  Anything may be used, as long as it is a medium she is familiar with.

Telepathic Influence – This is what separates the Seer form amateurs.  This ability allows the Seer to use her will vs the will of the other to probe their mind.  Any successful check allows the seer to see surface thoughts.  A check at 10 or more against the target result allows the seer complete access to current thoughts.  A check at 20 or more against the target result allows the seer to influence thoughts by guidance or suggestion.  Through guidance the seer leads the victim’s thoughts by leading the victim’s thought patterns.  Suggestion is a dangerous form of telepathy.  With this ability the seer can coerce the victim into doing what she wants or even place false memories.


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