The Paper Woman

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Ah, she was beautiful. I can’t describe her. But I would know her at once if I ever saw her again. She dressed in white… She had a message. It was a message for you, too. We’ve been chosen to complete a ritual, or to die. She said it is an honor. She said no place holds her in or out. She said she would return…

The first reports of the Paper Woman come from China, circa third century of the current era. No one has ever accurately described her except to say that she was radiantly beautiful. Those who have seen her cannot even recall if she appeared as a local or as a foreigner, as tall or small, as dark haired or light haired. They are certain only of a delicate, refined grace, a strong-willed gaze, and a thin, shining blade that she carries.

The Paper Woman is a servitor: sometimes a messenger, sometimes an assassin. She is summoned by the writing of her name on a piece of paper, which then must be thoroughly soaked in the blood of a sacrificed human. She will do one errand in return: either assassinate a target or deliver a message. However, if the summoner lies to her about any aspect of her mission and she learns of the deception, she will return to claim her revenge. Beings of great power beyond the capabilities of mortal men can command her services without the ritual.

The Paper Woman is adept at accessing hard-to-reach targets, as she can transform herself into a slip of paper and slide in under a door, through a crack in the wall, down a chimney… Targets have stooped to pick up a piece of paper on the floor only to find a blade running through them an instant later. Her blade is impossibly thin and sharp, cutting with surgical precision and supernatural ease. Victims left behind are sliced apart with no tearing or crushing damage to the tissues or bones whatsoever. Because she can appear as a simple slip of paper, she is also adept at hiding, lying in wait even in a highly-guarded area for her intended victim without being noticed. Her paper form can also be used for escapes and evasions, riding the current of the wind or slipping through a window.

Because of her overwhelming appearance in her humanoid form, messages from the Paper Woman have considerable weight for recipients. Those who know who she is will know that the message was sent at the expense of at least one human life. And failure will doubtless be punished by her return.

It is not advisable to engage the Paper Woman in combat, as her skill with a blade is supernatural. However, she is weak to fire. Her paper form can only be destroyed by means of burning (and she will almost certainly transform to prevent this), but even in humanoid form, her garments catch fire easily and she can make no attacks while burning. If the paper woman is burnt to death over three rounds, she leaves behind only a pile of ash that will scatter at the slightest breeze. The burning will not destroy her utterly, but she must be summoned again, and may turn against any mortal who repeatedly causes her to be burned.

STR 11
CON 14
DEX 15
SIZ 11
INT 12
POW 12
APP 18
HP 13
Damage Bonus: +D4
Armor: none, but firearms cause only minimum damage; making contact with her body results in a papercut-like wound for 1damage, bleeding messily; any contact with open flame causes D6 damage
Weapons: Sword 90%, D8+1+D4(db), impale causes dismemberment

Spells: none
Skills: Climb 75%; Dodge 30%; Jump 75%; Parry 60%; Sneak 75%

Languages: whatever is needed to deliver her message

Sanity Loss: 0/1 to witness transformation

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