The Obelisk of Teg Suturloc

“Sometimes in Archaeology you come across something that is just a foot note of a footnote with no actual description, just an amorphous understanding that something exists or existed. That is the Teg Suturloc. An old book of mystic or occult revelations from John Dee talked about a scroll that was lost in the fires at the Ancient Library of Alexandria and how it detailed the Teg Suturloc. I don’t know if it was a place or thing or person. I don’t even know if the name is correct because the text was smeared and damaged. It strikes me curious, though.”  

-Dr. Michael Lorraine, recorded quote from Miskatonic University Emetrius professor of Archaelogy, just months before he went missing on expedition in a remote area of Asia.
The Obelisk of Teg Suturloc

The Obelisk of Teg Suturloc is a living piece of stone that appears as a large obelisk with jagged spikes erects from its sides and face. It was infused with magic to become a gate way for proto-human wizards of forbidden knowledge wishing to seek audience with the Great Old Ones. In particular, Yibb-Tstll, Ghatanothoa, Ubbo-Sathla and Rhan-Tegoth.

Each side of the black obelisk leads to one of the Gods, if the spell on the face of the side is spoken correctly in the proto-Aklo tongue and a sacrifice is hung upon one of the many spikes. The sacrifice has to be something that the individual holds dear or loves. This can be a person, creature, thing or item. The sacrifice usually means the death of the creature or permanent damage of the object. The Obelsik of Teg Suturloc needs to feel the emotional attachment to activate its sympathetic magic.  The stronger the attachment then the safer the travel to the Great Old Ones and passage back if the traveler survives the encounter. The Obelisk of Teg Suturloc feeds on the passage of travelers and, if it becomes hungry, it will move itself closer to those it feels will desire its power.

It exists simultaneously, in various places in time and space, here on Earth and the places where these Great Old Ones exist. If anyone is able to activate the gate(s) then the gate appears on the face of the obelisk on which they cast the spell. 

If the Obelisk wishes to attack a poor fool who is not able to correctly summon the gate or tries to damage the obelisk then the Obelisk of Teg Suturloc will protrude what was once called the stone tongue of Tindalos, a long sinewy obsidian tongue that can stretch out past 100 feet and licks the person out of existence in all corners of consciousness in time and space as if the person never existed in the universe, even if they were significant to history. For example, if it was Adolf Hitler, then he would have never existed and someone else, let’s say Max Braun, would have been the one to have written his book and began World War II.

The Obelisk of Teg Suturloc is also known to have visitors come through from the other side, such as serpent people and mi-go.   

The Obelisk of Teg Suturloc


Hit Points:
Damage Bonus:
Magic Points:



Attacks per round: 4
Tongues of Tindalos: For every point of damage a creature takes from the Obelisk, there is a part of them that becomes erased from existence and the hit points cannot be restored. (Example: an investigator is hit and takes 7 hit points of damage. The Keeper may determine the character loses his left arm. Everyone but that investogator only remembers him with only having one arm from birth, and photos of him are with one arm. Even the investigator will only remember having two arms for a few days before it is erased from their consciousness too.)

Fighting (Tongues of Tindalos) 40% (20/8), damage 2D6+Special (see above).
Dodge 40% (20/8)

Language (proto-Aklo) 90%, Language (Ancient Chinese) 30%, Language (Latin) 50%, Stealth 80%.

Armor: 12-point Stone hide. Regenerates 3 hit points per round.
The Obelisk of Teg Suturloc doesn’t really know Gate but the spell is part of his existence and feeds on it. The Gates on each face of the obelisk go to one of the following Great Old Ones: Yibb-Tstll, Ghatanothoa, Ubbo-Sathla and Rhan-Tegoth. Wizards of old used the gates to commune with the Great Old Ones to gain more knowledge. If the sacrifice was unworthy, or that the spells engraved on the Obelisk were spoken incorrectly, then those traveling through the gate suffer 3D6 damage and appear either far away from the Great Old One or too close, which would lead them to be consumed. Or worse forsaken to enter and be attacked by the Tongues of Tindalos.
Sanity Loss:
1/1D4 Sanity points.

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