The Lantern Man

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I guess as an old man I would not be so susceptible to stories about the boogey man or monsters under my bed. But let me tell you, I had heard a whopper from Margaret the other night that is something that I cannot let go. It chills me thinking about it now. She told me that there was this guy named the Lantern Man that came to visit her in her dreams the other night and that he had told her that he wants my head so he could…how do I say….experience…no taste  my life.  I don’t know exactly what she meant but I have a good idea. You see only her head had come to visit me last night *Pulls out severed head*.”
~ Marcus Lomble- Quoted report after a complaint of insomnia while staying at the Ridgewood Hospice Care.

The Lantern Man is a creature from the Dreamlands that normally wanders aimlessly till it crosses a potential victim. Usually stalks the individual until it believes it is edible and will try to attack when the victim is alone back in their own world. The creature will usually Gate to where the victim resides if there is no exit it can use. When it feeds on humans there is a euphoric feeling it gets that will immobilize it when it is done, so the creature tries to make its attacks in safe areas that it can rest afterwards. Initially attacking with its spider like appendages it will try to subdue the individual before using its proboscis. Once it has eaten it will use the victim’s memories to find its next target.  The creature will animate the severed head to find the next person to feed from.


STR 4-24

CON 1-20

SIZ 11-22

INT 3-18

POW 4-24

DEX 2- 40

Move 8

HP 15


Damage bonus: 1D4.


Weapon: spider like appendages 40%, damage 1D6+Damage bonus (cutting damage). Grapple 75%. Proboscis 50% 1D3 plus special


Armor: Chitin hide, 3 damage reduction.


Special: The proboscis damage is not just to hit points but also taken from POW. If the POW is reduced to 0 then the creature has taken all of the life experiences from the victim. During the POW damage the eyes of the victim glow like a projector showing the life experiences that are being consumed. People witnessing this must make a SAN roll or suffer 0/1D4.  After the consumption the creature needs to recuperate from its ‘High’ for 1D4 days. At which time it cannot attack or move. Albeit during this time the creature will animate the severed head to find its next victim found in the memories consumed.  The head will unnaturally slither towards the direction it believes the victim resides leaving a scent that only the Lantern Man can follow.


Spells: The Latern Man knows Become Spectral, and Gate. When it crosses a dreamer in Dreamlands it will use the Gate Spell to follow the person back into the waking world.


Skills: Hide 90%, Sneak 70%.


Sanity loss: 1/1D8 Sanity points to see one

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