Shadow Box

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The Alienist showed his intern a box on his table. It was a small brown wood box with iron hinges. Most peculiar was the strange glyphs in gold decorating the box. The Alienist spoke cautiously, “Back in the day there was some of us who were neophytes under the teachings of the famous psychoanalyst, doctor Carl Jung , who found a path to our patient’s dreams. We had great success bringing the unconscious material to the surface to help our patients merge themselves with their unconscious self. To be a whole person, you see. Doctor Jung didn’t understand how we could cure our people so quickly. It was our secret. We continued for a year or two but we eventually came across a patient named Ichabod Marsh. His shadow tapped into something more primal than any archetype we had seen. It was ancient and it devoured Ichabod’s ego and essence. What was left is in the box…Captured and hungry.”

The curious intern impulsively replied, “Let me see?”

The Shadow Box is a magical artifact meant to contain the unconscious dream material in a man that is linked to the Great Old Ones. The rough magic was taught by ghouls who had guided a group of Jungian alienist to the Dreamlands. Inside the box is the captured Shadow of an individual who has a strong genetic taint to the Great Old Ones, such as someone who does not know they are a deep one hybrid or belong to the hereditary line of tcho tcho. The Shadow in the box is the taint unleashed in the waking world by the merging of the conscious with the unconscious. Semi-corporeal the creature needs to be released from the box by opening it. If the corporeal aspect of it is destroyed or the spell on the box is invoked the creature will return back to the box until some foolhardy or unwary individual opens it again. It is monstrous humanoid shaped beast. Its head is a hellish orifice with hellish glowing steam leaking out like cruel tendrils. The hands are like charred claws holding a gelatinous tablet with its ancient hyborian name and gate spell to the dreamlands. There are eye balls and disfigured faces blistering from the body like a sickening spread of acne. The claws rend the body of its intended victim until the person is rendered unconscious. It then uses it orifice to drain the unconscious essence out of the person. If the creature is able to siphon four times its own POW it will open a gate and return back to the dreamlands to evolve into its ancient primal state.

STR 24
CON 20
SIZ 13
INT 12
POW 14
DEX 11
Move 8
HP 16
SAN: 1/1D8

Damage bonus: +1D6.
Weapon: claws 66%, damage 1D6+Damage bonus (cutting damage). Grapple 75%. Orifice Attack 50% 1D6 permanent POW drain

Armor: Semi corporeal existence half damage to physical attacks.

Spells: The Shadow in the box knows Gate and will need to siphon four times its own POW to use it.

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