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It felt like the end of the world. For many, it was. They said the ship was unsinkable. The masses claim that it was wrong of them to tempt god in that way. Man does not know the future they said. Only god can build a flawless design. They don’t know what I know, they didn’t see what I saw. Women were weeping as they held onto their children and said goodbye to their husbands. The ship was sinking, and there aren’t enough lifeboats for everyone on board.

As if it wasn’t enough to be on board an unsinkable ship that was sinking, there was a missing little girl. Her mother had known something bad was going to happen and had been forced to board by her husband. Now the child was missing, and the ship was going down. Ironically, the child turned up just as they were forcing us into a life boat. We had been looking for that child all over the ship, and she showed up now. She wasn’t alone; she held a small orange and black cat.

When the young girl ran up to her mother, our small group stepped away from the lifeboats. Now that we had the child, maybe we could stop this horrible creature that had taken up residency in the child’s body. We took Mr. Widener’s Book of the Dead and joined forces to stop Mr. Stead’s mummy. May God have mercy on us. Our lives didn’t matter much; we were the only ones that could stop the end of the world.

Eyewitness account of the Unsinkable Molly Brown from the night the Titanic Sunk.

The Egyptian Book of the Dead speaks of an undead creature, the Pedaraucht, which the Egyptians fear greatly. The reason she is feared is because she is not easily
recognizable. She possesses the body of a living child, and can tap into the memories of the living child, therefore fooling all who come in contact with her. She is formed by
the darkness that is created when one child kills another intentionally. A child taking the life of another child is such a catastrophic event, that it produces enough karma to
transform the deceased’s spirit. The Ka and Ba of the child’s spirit is never released from the underworld. Being trapped in the underworld with no ability to move to the
Field of Reeds eventually twists the purity of the child’s soul creating the Pedaraucht. To stop the resurrection of the Pedaraucht, the deceased child’s remains are to be
mummified and put in an unmarked sarcophagus. The child is to be placed in a temple of Amen-Ra. While the mummy is there, she cannot be resurrected.

If the mummy is removed from her resting place and comes in contact with a living child, the mummy’s spirit can leap from the Underworld, into the child. The Pedaraucht is a
twisted soul in deep pain and anguish. The spirit of the dead child is very angry that she never got to live her own life. She will try to take the body of a child if possible so she can have her childhood. From the body of a possessed child, she will try to send a thousand souls to the afterlife. If she accomplishes this, the spirit of the possessed child will get caught up in the move to be judged by Osiris. When it is realized, the spirit shouldn’t be there yet, she will be seen as an impostor and Ammit will eat the spirit. This means the Pedaraucht will remain in the body of the possessed child for eternity. The magic that the spirit learned while fighting in the underworld will carry with the spirit. She will have almost unlimited power. It is believed that when one had her life taken away so young, if she gets it back she will seek to summon the creatures from the afterlife to earth so the living can feel what she went through. Even more dangerous is a Pedaraucht that was the child of a god before she was killed. She still retains all the powers granted to her by her parentage.

If a Pedaruacht’s spirit has possessed a child, the only way to destroy the spirit is by summoning her spirit out of the child’s body through a complicated ritual and trapping it into a figurine of the Pharaohs. When the creature is being expelled, the child will thrash around, and possibly hurt they body the spirit is residing in. If the body can be rendered unconscious, less harm should come to the child. The figurine must be given to a savior who was never in contact with the spirit. Someone who has had contact with
the spirit is susceptible to letting it out of the statue.

Possessed Child Template (This adds to the stats the child already has)
STR  +1D4
CON  +1D6
SIZ  +0
INT  +1D6
POW  +2D6
DEX  +2D6
Move: Same as Childs

Weapons: Dodge +20%, Hide +20%, Sneak+20%, Track +20%, Cthulhu Mythos +21%, Occult +35%.

Spells: Alter Weather, Charm Animal, Heal Animal, Soul Trap,

Sanity Loss: 1/1D4 Upon realization that child is possessed.

Spirit Child Template (This is done to the base stats. If a ‘+’ is present, add to the statistic. If no sign, change statistic.)
STR  +1D6
CON  +2D6
SIZ  +0
INT  3D6
POW  3D6
DEX  +2D6
Move: Same as Childs

Weapons: Dodge +20%, Hide +20%, Sneak+20%, Track +20%, Cthulhu Mythos +21%, Occult +35%.

Spells: Alter Weather, Charm Animal, Heal Animal, Soul Trap,

Sanity Loss: 2/1D6 Upon realization what the child is.

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