Cylais- The Living heads

Image is of a green eyed fair skinned female presenting head. It's hair style appears to be 1920's era, and it has a mass of cords and feelers coming out of the bleeding neck.

Cylais — The Living Head

by Aeion Solar for the OctoberNomicon Art Contest

In the dim light of Robespierre’s cellar, within a large cask made glass, the Cylais gamboled and scuttled about. It appeared as a human head sans body, much as if it had been torn out by the roots. Despite the gore beneath, it possessed a comely, serene face and beguiling eyes that clutched at one’s soul. All the while its loathsome tendrils twitch and writhed in a noisome fashion, conveying the horror’s fervent need to make its escape”.-Guillaume Dupree, Gruesome Bestiary

Cylaisi are an extra-dimensional race of powerful psionic plant-like creatures. Parasites, they use psychic abilities and prehensile limbs to enslaved and dominate other beings,literally drain the CON and Hit Points from their victims. Through the long lives they attach themselves to a number of host bodies, remaining until the body dies or until they find a more suitable one. They are powerful telepaths who rarely speak vocally with others being and then only to give commands. Though they have tough leather-like skin, they are loathe to engage in direct combat, preferring to deception and ambush to defeat their foes. Through use of esoteric sciences they arrived in France during the time of Huguenot uprising and have infiltrated a sect of that religion, using the group to travel to the new world and advance their plans to bring more of their kind to

the Earth.

Cylais look to be decapitated heads with visceral and skin hanging from the neck. Their faces are neutral humanoid that only take on definitive features once they acquire a host creature (preferably human). They then take on the appearance of the host, retaining the look of that head until they attach themselves to a new host for a prolonged period. They seek out extremely attractive host bodies so as to better manipulate and charm others of that race. They can take on any outward feature (skin color, hair, etc) with the most telling being lightly colored eyes( hazel, grey-green) with a strong, piercing gaze.

Special Abilities

Dominate– the Cylaisi exude spores that infect their victim and make them susceptible to domination as per the spell with double range and duration of days instead of rounds. Several Cylaisi can pool their powers together and increase the Domination’s range(10 per each Cylasi) and duration x5

Attachment– If the Cylaisi are able to attach their tendrils to their victims(successful Grapple roll), they will adhere and begin to drain CON and HP from the subject, converting CON into STR (5 to 1 ratio) and adding HP to their own (maximun 20). A successful grapple Roll increase the chance to dominate by 50% (see above).

Caustic Ichor– Their tendrils exude a sticky, caustic substance that helps them adhere to their victims. It does 1d3 per round and can only be removed by alcohol, vinegar or neutralized by the Cylais who exuded it.


char rolls average
 STR   2d6+2  8
 CON  3d6+3  13-14
 SIZ  1d3(special) 02
 INT  4d6+6 20
 POW  6d6+6  23
 DEX  3d6+6  15
 HP  22

Av Damage bonus -1d6
Mov 6

Grapple 55% 1d8 -1d6 (+1d3 per round if successful)
HeadButt 40% 1d8-1d6

3 points Thin bark-like skin
Spell(Keeper discretion)
SAN Loss 0/1d10

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