Courtiers of the Outer Gods

He stood before me, the size of a child with skin the color of flames. He appeared to know me and know what I wanted. My head screamed for me to turn and leave the devil to his own. As I went to walk away, an eerie melody began to play. Looking back, I saw the devil playing on a fiddle of gold, and I wanted it as my own. The devil saw the greed in my eye and turned his mouth into an evil grin. I knew the battle for my soul was about to begin.

Courtiers of the Outer Gods
Courtiers of the Outer Gods by Lotte Bierman

Alternative Names: The Devil, Satan, Dark Musicians, The Trickster,
These being have lived among humanity for as long as they can remember. Most often they are described as red skinned creatures with horns. Some reports describe simple claws instead of hands, while others describe an uneasy feeling of seeing a human hand with claws. Many worldly religions talk of the Courtiers, for their faithful have seen the consequences of the dark deals made. Courtiers are the horned beings that authors and artists have written about for centuries when talking about the devil.
One common theme in the stories about these “Devils” have been told for centuries about people selling their soul for money, lust, or power. The Courtiers of the Outer Gods are the beings that roam earth looking for souls to steal. Most of the time, the soul is simply traded. Sometimes a courtier has a craving for a certain soul or needs more souls to meet a certain goal. At these times, they may present a contest. They avoid doing this, because if they lose Azathoth will be displeased.
Courtiers have no problem manipulating the truth or hiding the fine print of a deal. They will lead someone on to believe that the soul can be won back, or whatever their victim needs to hear. They cannot outright lie to gain a soul, but they can evade questions or only partially answer them.
The souls stolen represent their rank in Azathoth’s court. The more souls they steal, the higher more pull they have in the cosmos.
Music of Soul Stealing: The eerie music created by the courtiers does nothing while the listener hears the sound. It is when it stops, that they feal uneasy and will possibly lose sanity (0/1D4). The music grants a Courtier +5 to psychology, and + 5 to fast talk when dealing with someone who has heard him play.
Courtier of the Outer Gods, the trickster
Char Roll Ave
STR (2D6 + 1) X5 40
CON (3d6 + 6) X5 80-85
SIZ 3D6 X5 50-55
DEX (2d6 + 6) X5 65
INT (4D6 + 4) X5 90
POW (4D6 +5) X4 95

Average Hit Points: 15
Average Damage Bonus (DB): 0
Average Build: -1
Average Magic Points: 19
Move: 7

The Courtiers try to avoid combat. They want to make deals and avoid combat. They can fight, and they do have bite and claw attacks. In a despite situation, they can use a sulfur attack. Whenever a Courtier coughs, they expel sulfur. They can blow on the airborne spores to cause an explosion (Not a physical attack, a magical one. Uses MP. They avoid this because it can damage themselves.
Attacks per round: 2
Fighting 40% (20/8) 1D4
Bite 40% (20/8) 1D4
Dodge 50% (25/10)
Fire Attack: 4MP. A Fireball ignites, immediately doing 2D6 damage to anything within a 20’ radius, including themselves. (See Armor) Each additional round does 1D6 additional damage as it spreads.
Disguise: 40%, Fast Talk: 55%, Listen: 35%, Music: (Specific Instrument) 85%, Psychology: 60%, Stealth: 45%
Armor: 0. Resistance to Fire damage, first 6 points per attack are negated.
Spells: Keeper Choice, usually 1d6
Sanity Loss: 1/1D10 to encounter a Courtier of the Outer Gods.

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