Announcing Elder Sign Radio!!

“Elder Sign” is a horror, neo-noir podcast set in modern day Seattle. The show follows the strange and terrifying adventures of Hazel Blair (Jasmine Jiang), a disgraced private investigator who suffered a mental break several years ago. Now back assisting the police as a consultant, Hazel stumbles upon a dark truth that lurks in the shadows of Seattle.

‘Elder Sign’ is a product of the ‘Elder Sign Radio’ production house. Written, directed, produced, and edited by Thomas McKean, the show stars Reno actors Jasmine Jiang (Hazel Blair), Anthony Mendoza (Jason Reed), and David Zybert (the Narrator). The show features a uniquely crafted story blending Lovecraftian themes of psychological horror, mystery, and cosmic terrors with modern crime noir.

Music was provided by Peder Helland, Bong-Ra, and Cryo-Chamber Dark Ambience Label. Peder Helland, a nineteen year old composer from Norway, allows for an orchestral ambience to be included in the show, setting a deep ominous tone throughout. Bong-Ra, a Dutch artist who

creates amazing dark jazz works, has provided for the show music from three of his projects: ‘The Kilimanjaro DarkJazz Ensemble’, ‘the Fuji DoomJazz Corporation’, and ‘The Thing With Five Eyes’. His jazz pieces allow for us to bring the sense of noir class to the show, allowing for, as one listener said, ‘a sense of nostalgia.’ Finally, rounding out our awesome music collaborators is the Cryo-Chamber Dark Ambience Label. Their music allows us to truly bring the essence of Lovecraft into the audio form, building the sense of tension and horror that our show provides.

With a cast of almost thirty people and a private sound booth at the ‘University of Nevada, Reno’, Elder Sign Radio is dedicated to bringing fans of Lovecraft, horror, drama, crime, and science fiction a show that they’ll enjoy. Our hope is to dive head first into this wonderful community and offer something new and interesting for everyone involved. You can listen to our show on iTunes, where you can listen to our first episode, subscribe to our channel, and even leave us a review. We’re also on SoundCloud, Podomatic and even our own site. Join us as we follow Hazel Blair’s journey into the unknown in ‘Elder Sign’.



Elder Sign Radio:


Twitter: @ElderSignRadio


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