Morgan Island Terror

Morgan Island, one of the Sea Islands located in near Beaufort County, South Carolina, is home to a research expedition which has recently fallen silent. In 1932 Professor Morgan Haverstock and his team travelled to Morgan Island (no relation to him) and now in the early Fall of 1933 have not been heard from for more than two weeks. Miskatonic University, who provided major funding for the study, has been unable to reach the expedition either through direct radio contact or mailed correspondence. Involved in important research concerning disease and rot resistant strain of yams and sweet potatoes, his Miskatonic counterpart, Prof Everett Hoskins, has yet to receive reports of their progress. Prof Hoskins, both concerned with Haverstock’s health (portly and hypertension) lack of regular reports, alerted local authorities and Columbia University (that sponsored the expedition) regarding Haverstock and his team.

Haverstock’s reports included mention of Alban Laba, a recluse and eccentric who though initially was helpful and support has proven troublesome and adversarial in recent weeks. On top disturbing some of pilot projects, he is suspected in a break-in of the makeshift lab and theft of fungal specimens. Laba’s erratic behavior is not limited to the expedition. One time friend of the Gullah people and the indigenous populations has become increasingly paranoid, erratic and aggressive. They also fear he is in possession of explosives and weapons as strange lights and smoke has been seen his near shanty Farmhouse in the Morgan island hills.

Alban Laba is descendant of Original French Settlers of Beaufort County. Farmers and Fishermen of the Sea Islands, they were decimated by British settlers, indigenous wars and disease. In their decline, the Laba’s Family retreated to Morgan Island, known to them as the Le Redoute De l’Est (The Redoubt of the East). Comprised of wood and stone, The Laba family preserved the main house and uses the land within the keep yard for farming. They had also believed the Redoubt held treasure and war booty but searched ​in vain for it. Alban is all that is left of them. Unable to maintain the Main house (which secretly houses the alien Mi-go) Alban has taken residence in one of the ramshackle farmhouses near the entry gate to the Redoubt.

The Labas were and are a secretly magicians and alchemists who have used the seclusion of Morgan Island to practice their dark arts. Part of the reason they returned to the island was to perform rites and works that would enhance their wealth and eventually allow them to extend their personal power. They’ve allied themselves​with the Mi-Go, employing their technologies and acting as human agents in this region. Many of Alban’s predecessors, thought long dead, are actually alive within the Redoubt dungeons, kept so by Mi-Go devices.

The reason for Alban’s attack on Morgan Haverstock’s group is out of fear. The fear

They’ll uncover the Mi-Go operation and draw attention of outside forces like the government to Morgan Island. Alban has murdered Haverstock’s group, using a Mi-Go bioweapon; Fungault. Fungault is mold based organisms design to devour everything in its path and reform it to resemble the surface of Yuggoth (their version of Terraforming).

Morgan island is nearly inaccessible, approachable only by small boats and best done so by experienced local guides. It is easy to get lost, with steady fogs, heavy rains and dense, thick foliage to obscure vision and limit sunlight. The island is laden with traps left by Spanish and French Soldiers during past occupations and maintained by Alban and the Mi-Go.

Alban’s hope is to chase away the adventurers, convincing them that it’s too dangerous a place to explore, far too inhospitable and deadly for any kind of investigation. While seeming to aid the party initially (he can be very charming and persuasive) sharing his advice, food and shelter, he is a saboteur, who will damage equipment, lead them to traps and if they prove too persistent, unleash Fungault upon them.

Adventure Hooks

1) Treasure seeking – One of the Spanish artifacts has turned up, uncovered by Gullah people fishing near the island. It will spark speculation concerning a lost gold hoard dating back to pre-colonial times It will require Antiquarian/Librarian, possibly a Sociologist or adventurer who is familiar of the custom/traditions of the Gullah people to follow this line. Research will allow them to uncover the Redoute De l’Est and tales/rumors of Alban Laba, last descendant of the French, who is possible in possession of priceless artifacts or knowledge of where they might be found.

2) Rescue Haverstock’s expedition – Miskatonic will hire the players to uncover the disappearance of Haverstock’s and his people (Haverstock and eight others). Unwilling to consult with the locals, Haverstock has traveled to Morgan Island, one the deadliest in the Sea Island region, because of its perfect conditions for his experiment. He was warned by the Gullah but dismissive their concerns as undue fear or/and superstitions. That was late summer (August) and the last he and his team were heard from was a letter which included a small moskine journal in early fall (September)

3) Find Indigo George – Martine Francois “Indigo” George is the son of sharecroppers who harvested indigo plants (which is where​they he gets his nickname) in Beaufort. He grew up in Beaufort County, building up a reputation as a scoundrel and rogue. Guilty of petty crimes he had now has stepped up to the big leagues, stealing a gold cross and map from The Lady immaculate Church in the town of Suffolk, then fled to Morgan Island. He is here for two purposes​1) To hide out from the law (he and his uncle, Isaiah, used to fish here when he was a kid) and 2) to find Treasure rumored to be hidden on the island, borne of a recent discover treasure believed to be part of a lost Spanish horde.

The Map (Which the illiterate Indigo thought was a treasure map) leads to Redoubte. Unfortunately for Indigo, he ran afoul of Alban and has been imprisoned in the keep, either to be used as a sacrifice or as part of one of Alban’s gruesome experiments.

If he is found and rescued, he’ll try and pretend to be a lowly Gullah Fishermen. If caught in that lie, he’ll confess to who he if it will get him out of the Redoubte. He has information about Mi-Go​(whom he calls the devils) and will help the Adventurers fight if it means he can escape. He will also seek to escape the group at the earliest possible convenience. He hates Alban and in any fight with him he will do his best to kill him.

Main Scenario

Morgan Island is essentially a one large trap. The heart of the trap is Redoubte, the place of the greatest danger and yet, safest place from Fungault Bioweapon. But given that it is near to the house of Alban Laba and advance base for Mi-Go, it presents great danger for the Investigators. Should the bioweapon be released the characters need to either escape the island altogether (a difficult prospect given how fast Fungault works) or make their way to the Redoubt (which is protected from Fungault and then attempt to escape the island once the Island is transformed (or if they find the  reagent(see below)). If they fail in any of these objectives, they will fall prey to the Mi-Go advance force and Alban. In the Keep is powerful Mi-Go tech that they plan building into machinery to begin their invasion of the earth.

If they​ players manage to secure the keep they will find, at San loss, Haverstock and his personal assistant, Merrick, as brains in a jars(who can help the players defeat the Mi-Go and Alban). There is also Haverstock’s reagent (which will help the players escape the Fungault) which if smeared upon their bodies will allow them to repel the Fungault and make their way to the lagoon (Alban will unleash Fungault over the general surface of Morgan if the events work against him and they Mi-Go). The Mi-Go will escape into space if Fungault is unleashed on the island, considering their expedition a failure for the time being.

Treasure in the Redoubte

There is a codex that talks about  Mi-Go design and technology, Alban’s Spellbook, which has a Summon/Banish Mi-Go spell and a magic portal spell which, if the players fail to escape to the Lagoon when the Fungault is unleashed, can be used escape. There is a 35% chance that the investigators using the portal will get lost in some remote part of the earth or extra dimensional space Determined by GM. This chance is reduced by 5% for every POW used in the spell i.e the more POW points the groups the greater chance of a safe Transport.

Adventure Types

Bounty hunters, Detectives, ex Police and Soldiers would be good for any of the teams. A Botanist, Biologist or anyone with Horticultural skills would be a plus. An antiquarian, A Historian of the Early Americas with knowledge of The French, Spanish and Gullah people would make  a good choice

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