The Unspoken Silence

“What happened to Citizen Felix?” The commander asked his men on patrol, “He was the only one to come back from that mountain excursion. I wanted to ask him more questions about what he saw and what became of the people that had wandered out there with him. He mentioned something about a monument or giant stone with a forgotten language carved on it.” His men reported that the man was found dead yesterday with his eyes gouged out with his lips sewn together. “Great Gods! Did anyone find the culprits?” His men shook their heads sadly. A Senator from the capitol had been listening to the conversation and spoke. “Best leave such curiosities to the silence and let such misfortune fade from our memory my dear young men.” The commander opened his mouth to say a query but was cut off by the senator’s two fingers over his lips. The rest of the men trembled and looked at each other in fright.


The commander’s eyes became wide as he hastily ordered his men to never mention the incident again and forbade any citizen of the capital to venture into the mountain side.

The Cult of the Unspoken Silence
The cult is formed by various people, of influence, across the empire that loosely have accepted fact that they (the people of the world) are doomed by these (cosmic) forces beyond their comprehension. The cult understands that fighting against such forces can only lead to madness and death. Worshipping such things is even worse and there is no form of succor or appeasement that will spare any individual from the coming annihilation. The cult sustains the ideology that our time here is short and that the best way to serve the empire is to keep the world oblivious to the horrors that lay beyond. Those in the cult know each other well and will put two fingers over the other cultists’ mouth when greeting each other for a meeting as the only clue to their affiliation. To those uninitiated but have heard of the cult will know that the two fingers over the lips is a sign of silence or be silenced. The group will go to any length to stop people from searching for clues, artifacts or pathways to the mythos. Many of the members have kept hidden things they could not destroy and many of the members have gained knowledge of the mythos in such a manner as to arrive to the logic of the group’s agenda.

Adventure Hook- A wealthy merchant has hired the players to investigate what happened to his cargo that went missing from the docks of the harbor. The merchant explains he had received a shipment from an exotic locale and had paid a great price for the cargo. What he and the players do not know is that the Unspoken Silence have stolen the golden idol of Cthulhu and plan on melting it down, which they will not succeed because of its magical nature. The idol will attract the attention of deep ones who will wish to return it back to its underwater temple and kill anyone they believe have seen it.

For Keepers- The cult is made up of influential individuals (like senators) that use their power to interfere with players from finding out about the mythos. As a generally accepted practice the cult members will send underlings, who do not know about the cult, to do the dirty work thus keeping their hands clean. Sometimes as an adventure hook the cult may hire the players to be the underlings to do the dirty work. Some of the cult members may know spells but usually refrain from using them since it can be misconstrued by the other members as them going against the agenda.

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