Lotus Eaters (Lotophagi)

The fog broke and the captain saw the island covered by rows and rows of lotus flowers. In the far distant hill overlooking the ocean the captain could see the people of the island picking the lotus to eat. A crude carving of their hideous God sat in the middle of their harvesting. The hungry men on the ship jumped for joy as they saw the sight. Bitterly the captain warned his men, “Not here! This is the land of the lotus-eaters… Go to shore and we will never leave.”

The Lotus Eaters are an alien race that had found habitat on earth to grow their intoxicating lotus to feed upon. They are worshippers of Chaugnar Faugn and consider the monstrous entity the father of all its kind. Buried under ground in a catatonic state the cult hibernates when fall and winter arrive. In spring they awake to the blossoming of the lotus and begin eating. The lotus is intoxicating to eat, or drink, with a POT of 26, leaving the person forgetful in a euphoric state. A person under the influence can only function in terms of eating and sexual indulgence. A person cannot fight or think beyond eating or sex. While the Lotus Eaters are alien in origin they have the same statistical attributes as humans. During the summer the female members of the cult aggressively initiate sex with the male gender (Human or Lotus -eater) to procreate. During the coitus or rape of the male the female eggs actively swims through the urethra to the testes to gestate. In a month time the testes enlarge and explode(4D6 Damage) to give birth to the hungry immature alien creatures. They seem to look like miniature humans with claws and piranha like teeth. Usually during this time the male is still in euphoric state as it is devoured by the little infants (HP 1D6, Attack claw and bite at 35%, 1D4 Damage). Satiated the babies burrow into the Earth to hibernate and develop into their adult form. The surviving Lotus-Eaters follow their young into hibernating after they have given thanks to their god and have secured the growth of next year’s crop of lotus.
Adventure Hook- Players are blown off course and find an island covered with lotuses. The sight reminds the players of a story in the Odyssey where the intoxicating flower lured sailors to stay forever.
Keeper- The cult is a very much laid back for obvious reasons but some of the females have been gifted (35%) with 1D4 spells of the keeper’s choice. They may be open to teaching friendly players the spells if they stay long enough to learn. There is no real head priestess or tribe leader as decisions are based on a democratic collectivism or apathy. The cultists are very warm and friendly. The cult does not take offense to people leaving and will sometimes gift players with lotus seeds or flasks of the lotus elixir.

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