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A short but very effective epistolary mood piece today. Sip it slowly.

Excerpts from a small diary:

Entry 1

I cannot control this any longer. R. says to look at his navel. He says that there is an eye. And I look and I see there is. It even blinks.

Entry 2

For what he lacks, he has acquired an extra thing.

Entry 3

The eye astonishes me when I look at it. It follows me when I move. I ask R. if he does this. He says no, that it moves of its own volition. I don’t like this. R. is terribly frightened. When I run my hand down his belly I can feel another protuberance. I think a nose is coming also. The eye looks at me. I don’t like it. It has an evil look to it. There is an intelligence behind it, but I don’t think it is of man…nor of beast.

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