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Azathoth 11x14 scratchboard etching by Aeion Solar

11×14 scratchboard etching

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Morgan Island Terror

Morgan Island, one of the Sea Islands located in near Beaufort County, South Carolina, is home to a research expedition which has recently fallen silent. In 1932 Professor Morgan Haverstock and his team travelled to Morgan Island (no relation to him) and now in the early Fall of 1933 have not been heard from for more than two weeks. Miskatonic University, who provided major funding for the study, has been unable to reach the expedition either through direct radio contact or mailed correspondence. Involved in important research concerning disease and rot resistant strain of yams and sweet potatoes, his Miskatonic counterpart, Prof Everett Hoskins, has yet to receive reports of their progress. Prof Hoskins, both concerned with Haverstock’s health (portly and hypertension) lack of regular reports, alerted local authorities and Columbia University (that sponsored the expedition) regarding Haverstock and his team. Continue reading »

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Cylais- The Living heads

Image is of a green eyed fair skinned female presenting head. It's hair style appears to be 1920's era, and it has a mass of cords and feelers coming out of the bleeding neck.

Cylais — The Living Head

by Aeion Solar for the OctoberNomicon Art Contest

In the dim light of Robespierre’s cellar, within a large cask made glass, the Cylais gamboled and scuttled about. It appeared as a human head sans body, much as if it had been torn out by the roots. Despite the gore beneath, it possessed a comely, serene face and beguiling eyes that clutched at one’s soul. All the while its loathsome tendrils twitch and writhed in a noisome fashion, conveying the horror’s fervent need to make its escape”.-Guillaume Dupree, Gruesome Bestiary

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