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Amy’s Locket

Gothic horror meets Lovecraftian horror. A scary mix, indeed.

Amy Winchester loved old books. The girls who teased her at school said she even looked ‘book-ish’, with her round glasses over large, round green eyes, long dresses that sometimes tripped her up, and pale, scaly skin (when the weather was dry). She would spend hours in the Academy’s huge tiered library reading Victorian mysteries or about valiant heroes trekking through lost lands. When she walked through the hallways, it was often while holding a leather-bound tome that felt almost as large as she was against her chest. Despite the looks she got from her classmates, she smiled at the wonderful smell of leather and old paper under her nose.

At her expansive home with her Aunt Nettie and Uncle Vernon, she did the same, reading in Uncle’s study, on the balcony and tucked into a corner. These were even older and more esoteric subjects. She read about her great uncle Mortimer, who took the ears of eight Congo cannibals (she’d grimaced when she’s read that and a little more than shocked when a brown, leathery object that must have been an ear fell in her lap), about Grandpa Joe that had scalped four Cherokees and was in his turn scalped by Apaches (and lived!), and Aunt Lenore that had died treating the Spanish Flu in France.

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