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Courtiers of the Outer Gods

Courtiers of the Outer Gods

He stood before me, the size of a child with skin the color of flames. He appeared to know me and know what I wanted. My head screamed for me to turn and leave the devil to his own. As I went to walk away, an eerie melody began to play. Looking back, I saw the devil playing on a fiddle of gold, and I wanted it as my own. The devil saw the greed in my eye and turned his mouth into an evil grin. I knew the battle for my soul was about to begin.

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The Seer

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“Hidden in the trees, I watch as the chaos before me casts illuminates the starless night.  The flames climb high towards the heavens.  The screams of those burning alive will haunt me until I die. This is what I wanted, I tell myself. I wanted all of those in this small, hideous town to die for what they did to me.  Then out of the corner of my eye, I see a young child emerge from the house.  I step back and scream in pain.  They told me my little girl was gone.  I believed them.  This child looks like me and Stephanie.  There is no doubt about it.

I look at the witch beside me.  I don’t know what she really is, but she has powers beyond my understanding.  ‘We have to save h&mdash”  I stop speaking.  It is too late.  I have killed my own child.  I run towards the building with the biggest flames and look forward to death.  As the flames burn my flesh and I begin to suffocate, I see my little girl walk towards the witch.  I try to scream and stop her, but the smoke in my lungs or maybe the witch stops me.  The witch grasps the hand of my daughter, and they walk away.  And then I die.”

                                              From the memories of Cole Mitchell
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Cthulhu Coins on Kickstarter

    100mm x 50mm x 6mm

Fantasy Coins, LLC has a set of Cthulhu coins in their newest Kickstarter.  They look pretty cool.  I wish they would be out by Origins, because they would be a perfect prop to one of the modules I am writing.  You can check them out here.  Fantasy Coins and Bars Kickstarter

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Lost Pages: Pedaruacht

It felt like the end of the world. For many, it was. They said the ship was unsinkable. The masses claim that it was wrong of them to tempt god in that way. Man does not know the future they said. Only god can build a flawless design. They don’t know what I know, they didn’t see what I saw. Women were weeping as they held onto their children and said goodbye to their husbands. The ship was sinking, and there aren’t enough lifeboats for everyone on board.

As if it wasn’t enough to be on board an unsinkable ship that was sinking, there was a missing little girl. Her mother had known something bad was going to happen and had been forced to board by her husband. Now the child was missing, and the ship was going down. Ironically, the child turned up just as they were forcing us into a life boat. We had been looking for that child all over the ship, and she showed up now. She wasn’t alone; she held a small orange and black cat.

When the young girl ran up to her mother, our small group stepped away from the lifeboats. Now that we had the child, maybe we could stop this horrible creature that had taken up residency in the child’s body. We took Mr. Widener’s Book of the Dead and joined forces to stop Mr. Stead’s mummy. May God have mercy on us. Our lives didn’t matter much; we were the only ones that could stop the end of the world.

Eyewitness account of the Unsinkable Molly Brown from the night the Titanic Sunk.

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October 25th: Shadow Shades

I jerked violently and dropped the coat. I’d seen that kind of “parchment” before. I’d seen dozens of them, blowing down the deserted streets of the abandoned neighborhood that day I’d gotten lost in the fog, all different shapes and sizes. I remembered thinking that there must be a defunct paper factory somewhere nearby with broken windows.

But it hadn’t been paper blowing past me—it had been people. Or what had been left of them, anyway. And that day, if I’d not made it out before nightfall, I would have become one of these… these… dehydrated rinds of human matter, too.

I backed away. I didn’t need to peer beneath any more coats to know those husks were all that was left of Rocky O’Bannion and fifteen of his men, but I did anyway. I lifted three more, and that was all I could take. The men hadn’t even been able to see what was killing them. I wondered if the Shades had attacked simultaneously, waiting for all of them to get out of their cars, or if only the front two men had stepped out of each car and then, when the two in the rear had seen them go down, sucked into little scraps of whatever it was the Shade palate found indigestible in humans, they too had lunged out, guns blazing, only to fall victim to the same unseen foe. I wondered if the Shades were clever enough to wait, or merely driven by mindless, insatiable hunger.

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