The Art of Brad Hicks

Image is a goatlike creature, with a large maw on her chest, the horns of a brahma bull, and a back covered in tentacles. It is walking in a forest clearing over a fell tree.

The Black Goat and Young
By Brad Hicks

Image is a large octopus headed creature with 3 nested eyes per side of it's head. It is peering its pupilless face out between two large, smooth albeit aged stone slab doors of prodigious size.

Cthulhu Wakes
By Brad Hicks

Image is of a barrel shaped life form. It's horizontally corrugated into segments like an earthworm with flesh strips lining it's sides vertically. From the widest point, branch like appendages sprout forth. Where it's head should be is a mass of feelers and tentacles. Two batwings in the shape of mayfly wings spray out behind it. In lieu of legs it has a mass of tentacles.

Elder Thing
By Brad Hicks

Image is a artic cave with artic gear dressed human facing away from us holding a torch. In front of the human is a large eye, with a pupil approximately 5 feet across and iris around 30 feet across. The eye appears to be attached to a larger, out of view creature, suggesting cyclopean sizes.

The Encounter
By Brad Hicks

Image is a large invertebrate creature, who resembled a rugose cone topped by a pair of clawed appendages, a long trumpet (presumably a feeding organ) and a yellow orb-like sensory organ on a stalk, sliding around on a sluglike mucous foot.

Yith character study
By Brad Hicks

Image is a creature moving on at least 6 large tentacles ascending into the torso of a emaciated muscular human male, where the head should be however is an equally large tentacle, with a vertical tooth lined maw in it. Two smaller tentacles come out from the shoulder blades to write around the tentacle acting as the head.

Nyarlathotep Character Study
By Brad Hicks

Image is a horned winging humanoid with hands resembling eagles claws, large bat wings, and insect like feet descending from a heel/backwards knee joint. It is looking down as it flies toward you revealing it's horns.

By Brad Hicks

Image is a humanoid in a cemetary. Humanoid is bald, with pointed ears, a mouth full of needle like long fangs, with elongated, ostrich like legs. It is sitting on it's haunches with a tail behind it.

Pickman’s Ghoul
By Brad Hicks

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