More art from Brad Hicks

Brad Hicks has sent us some more wonderful art. Some of it we can’t show you yet, but some we can!  So click Read More to see the wonderful work he’s decided to share on the site, and while you’re at it.. he’s selling prints of his fantastic art over at his Etsy store that you can get to here.  So drool over the gorgeousness here and then head over there and get some for your walls.. or tomb.. you know.. who are we to judge?

Image is a humanoid figure crawling out of rune lined ruins. It has large batwings and a tentacle covered face. This creature is Cthulhu.

The Sleeper Wakes
By Brad Hicks

Image is a goatlike creature, with a large maw on her chest, the horns of a brahma bull, and a back covered in tentacles. It is walking in a forest clearing over a fell tree.

The Black Goat and Young
By Brad Hicks

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