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Review of Shoggoth

Shoggoth by Bryan Craft

Shoggoth by Bryan Craft

An accepted theory exists that millions of years ago a celestial catastrophic occurrence wiped out every living thing on the planet. This theory may be flawed. Fast-forward to the 21st century. A handful of scientists, allied with the military, discover a massive network of tunnels beneath the Mojave Desert. Below, lies an ancient survivor, waiting…and it’s hungry!

Once again Byron Craft drags us by his tentacles into a masterful mix of Lovecraftian science fiction, mystery, fantasy and horror. (From the book cover)

Bio of Author from his Amazon Page: Byron Craft started out writing screenplays, moved on to authoring articles for several magazines and finally evolved his writing style into exciting, sci-fi, fantasy, horror novels. “SHOGGOTH” is Craft’s second novel of a planned five novel mythos series that reflects the influence of H.P Lovecraft. Byron Craft’s first novel “The CRY of CTHULHU,” initially released under the title “The Alchemist’s Notebook,” was the reincarnation and expansion of one of his most memorable screenplays. Craft demonstrates he is as capable a novelist as scriptwriter. Craft’s novels have all the ingredients of a classic Lovecraft tale, with some imaginative additions. Continue reading »

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Audio Book Review: The Statement of Andrew Doran by Matthew Davenport

The Statement of Andrew Doran by Matthew Davenport

The Statement of Andrew Doran by Matthew Davenport

Verdict: This Indy Jones-style adventure set in a WWII-era world in which Lovecraft’s monsters and magic exists delivers cinematic action and the Mythos we love, all at a satisfying pace. But opt for the written version if possible, since the audio version contains some very distracting accent misfires. Continue reading »

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