Art from Brad Hicks

an amorpheous batch of eyes, mouths and tendrils ooozing out of a cave

Shoggoth Meeting, art by Brad Hicks

A yellow hooded figure with long claws sitting in a stone throne with skulls in the debris around it. The figure has tentacles coming out underneath it's robes.

King & Throne (In oil) by Brad Hicks

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The Two-Headed Serpent by Chaosium

a book cover featuring 3 faces along each side and a gold and black snake wrapped around eachother in the center. The title is Two Headed Serpent

The newest Campaign book for Pulp Cthulhu

This was my first foray into the Pulp Cthulhu setting. At first I wasn’t sure about the idea, having played the standard “we investigators who are about to die” style Call of Cthulhu for years. What I got was a cross between Indiana Jones and Hellboy. So, in short, awesome action movie fun with a beautifully realized Lovecraftian back drop.
The Two-Headed Serpent is sure to please your players, but is written for you, the keeper. The staff at Chaosium have put together a marvelous globe trotting tale of monster filled, paranoia inducing, world ending mayhem. Continue reading »

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Volshebnaya palochka

As part of his payment, Grigor sat through the anguish of having his Adam’s apple branded with a dirty needle covered in ash and urine tied to an ancient split twig. His vocation is now official, with the death’s of the snitch’s family he is now a murderer for hire.

In 1919 the Soviets take Russia.  One of the first thing they do is essentially eliminate crime. They did this with over four million Russian citizens convicted for a wide variety of crimes.  This breaking of the criminal element of Russia forced them to evolve. It forced them to become hard. It forced them to organize.  It forced them to form the вор в зако́не (Thieves of Law). Continue reading »

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Fear’s Sharp Little Needles

I hesitated at first from posting this, because [Full Disclosure] two people from this site are in it, however..  as this one is currently rushing 5x their asking price and is blazing past their stretch goals… so now is the time to get in on the action!!

This is a collection of dark, horrifying two hour scenarios set in our modern age.  Although we are obviously biased, this is a great book and essential to a modern campaign.

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Review: Cult of the Dead and Other Weird and Lovecraftian Tales by Lois Gresh

Cult of the Dead by Lois Gresh

Cult of the Dead by Lois Gresh

Years ago when I read Clive Barker’s Books of Blood, I was amazed at how original his horror stories were. They were new and unique, with takes on the horror genre I had not seen before. It was not until I read Lois Gresh’s Cult of the Dead did I feel the same way about an anthology of horror stories.

Cult of the Dead is a collection of 20 “weird and Lovecraftian tales” by veteran horror author Lois H. Gresh. The stories are self-contained, having been published over the course of the author’s career and collected into this work. Each story is excellently written and transports the reader into the world Gresh creates. Her writing style is as unique as her stories, which takes a little bit to get used to, but works well with the tales she unfolds for the reader.

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Professor Grownup: Cthulhu Album For Kids

Get your young’uns started on mythos knowledge early!

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The Cosmic Horror Chess Kickstarter

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I would love a Lovecraft-based chess set!” ? Well, dream no more, because you can be the proud owner of your very own set thanks to the talented work of Abraham Jiménez Cruz. Don’t miss out on this one!

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HP Lovecraft : Cthulhu mythos ,the great old ones II

Fresh off the heels of their previous successful Kickstarter, Rykar Jove astounds us once again with a new batch of blasphemous idols as rendered in breathtaking pewter. Check the video below!

Back it today!
UPDATE: It just made funding!! Now’s the time to get in on this if you’re looking for a good kickstarter!

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Ole Skin-‘n’- Bones

We are pleased to bring you “Ole Skin-‘n’- Bones” from Dan Clore’s new “The Unspeakable and Others“, this story and many others are available for purchase on Amazon and other fine retailers.

Click here to buy it today!

Not everyone has had the good fortune to see through an- other’s eyes. But before you’ve misunderstood me, and taken for a cliché what in the author’s mind had been conceived with a true originality, await attentively that part of the story in which the opening line finds its immaculate consummation, and above all patiently, for it seems to me certain as a matter of fact, that in fact—not everyone has had the good fortune to see through another’s eyes

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Stand and Deliver

The Game Master is a story teller. As such, he needs to be one of the key focal points of the game session. Think of him as the Ring Master at a circus. Even if he is not one of the performers, his job is to direct the attention and focus of the audience. When was the last time you saw a Ring Master that sat quietly in the corner or behind a partition? Never. He is always standing boldly in the center of the action, unless of course he is stepping aside so that the audience can give their attention to a performer, which is where he directs there attention.
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