Viridescent Caecillians

Alternate names: putrefying caecillians, giant vermiforms of the lake, accidental lake apodas-ghouls

These caecillians first encounters Gla’aki in a freshwater lake in some tropical clime. Coming up from the mud on the lake bottom, and brushing against/being poked by the many spines of the Great Old One. Over time, they mutated and changed, growing semi-dependent on the fluid that sometimes leaked from pointy protusions. Those close to Gla’aki would even be pulled along with it, to other lakes when the Great Old One would reform in another shard. As such, they’ve spread across the globe.

Limbless, eyeless, earless, and a brilliant shade of green, these amphibians have two short spines jutting off from their face, just above their recessed, toothy mouth. They sense by feeling tremors and vibrations on whatever surface they’re on, have a strong sense of smell, and their spines due double duty: sensing vibrations in the air (making them the Daredevil of amphibians) and, along with their venomous bite, helping spread Gla’aki’s influence on Earth.

While mindless, they tend to congregate in large nests, burrowing down into the mud of lakes, rivers, and streams, and often live out their lives interacting only with their spawn-mates. When disturbed, they often attack with an aim of reproducing, so that the species lives on (and gets carried elsewhere while gestating inside whatever animal disturbed it’s muddy slumber). This, also, typically creates a weird outbreak of decaying, half-dead animals in the former locale.

Cloaca Kiss: This attack may only be done on a prone or unconscious target. Their close proximity to Gla’aki have rendered them unable to mate, in the traditional sense, and they have no parental instincts whatsoever, so they burrow inside of another creature’s anus and lay their soft-shelled, transparent eggs into that creatures rectal cavity.

Caecillians lay 2D10 eggs on the round following their self-insertation, which, if not removed with a successful Medicine check, hatch within 1D10+4 days, when their incubator is in water (shower, tub, community pool or waterpark, hot tub at Great Wolf Lodge, etc).

Each baby caecillian promptly leaves its unwilling parent’s body in a squirming mass of itchiness and discomfort. And then…Dermatotrophy! Each newborn caecillian does 1 hit point of damage as it feeds on its parent’s flesh. Luckily for it’s parent, they’re small and have only 1 hit point each. After consuming 1 hit point of dermis (and sometimes hypodermis), they detach and search out the safest place they can find, usually a drain of some kind in more modern settings.

As for any good Samaritans coming coming over to help layeth the smack down on this hungry amphibians as they swarm over their…mom? dad? need to make a Luck roll. Those who fail find themselves pricked by the creatures’ little horny face-tentacles (see the combat section, below, for details on their toxicity).

Viridescent Caecillians, decaying green vermiforms


2D6 × 5
2D6× 5
1D6 × 5
(4D6+4) × 5
1D6 × 5
3D6 × 5


Average Hit Points: 5
Average Damage Bonus: -2
Average Build: -2
Average Magic Points: 10
Move: 10 slippery little buggers

Attacks per round: 1 (bite/ram or cloaca kiss)
The toxicity of Gla’aki’s liquid runs courses through these terrestial amphibians, and a victim who is bitten or rammed/head-butted must make a CON roll to resist the venomous effects. Those who succeed suffer no ill effects, while a failure results in them slowly rotting and becoming a sunlight-averse zombie who is likely to be targeted by undead Servants of Gla’aki.

Fighting (Bite or Spike Ram) 40%, 20/8, damage 1D4-DB (min 1) + venom
Cloaca Kiss 20% (10/4), damage 1 + see Cloaca Kiss, above.
Dodge 55% (27/11)

Stealth 90%.

Armor: None.
Spells: None.
Sanity Loss: None, as these look like large, legless, amphibians; 1 to witness a Cloaca Kiss, 1D3 to be on the receiving end of such an attack, and 1D10 to be present for the births, afterwards.

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