The Decapod of .onion

Tell me…what do you want to see?
Show me?
Join me….

—the Eyes, P1337.onion

Content Warning: Mature/adult topics of a deviant, pornographic nature. 

Located on the Darkweb, accessible only with a Tor browser, lies an adult website behind which hides a monstrosity that corrupts the willing. Operating like a live, video chat site, users may browse through a selection of performers, but unlike on the Clearnet that most of us are used to, nothing appears to be off limits.

Without searching for specific terms or performers, most preview images are “acceptable” enough for an adult site. The only bit of weirdness at this point is that none of the performers are visible above the neck. Clicking on one to enter their “room,” functions as expected, but when going “private” with one, the video pane goes black and a pair of beautiful eyes appears, and the question “Tell me…what do you want to see?” appears on the screen and can be heard over the speakers.

Visitors to the site, seeing or hearing the message, must make succeed at a Hard POW roll to not answer and simply continue on to what they clicked on.

  • Hard Success – The visitor may respond or just continue onto the site. If they choose to respond, it must be by way of voice (mic) or responding in the chat box.
  • Regular Success – The visitor responds with a minor kink or fetish, something that “mainstream” society might consider slightly deviant. The sorts of things can be found on the internet, either on specialty sites or specific categories on broader pornographic sites.
  • Failure – Responding using their computer’s mic (if it has one), they respond with something a bit more extreme—something that would clearly be illegal, if it were real. SAN 0/1D6 and 1D6 per week after the first loss (repeat visits).

Once they provide an answer, they’re able to continue into the “private” video-chat room that they entered. The performer they originally selected will there, visible from the neck and shoulders down, performing for them. If the watcher responded with something, the show quickly changes to what was requested, even if it means other performers appear from offscreen to join in. Everyone on screen will be quick to comply with any “commands” from the watcher.

The content they see begins creep into their thoughts. During their waking hours, they can’t help but think of what they saw, oftentimes visually those around them in the role of the actors. They struggle to go about their day, becoming irritable or unfocused; unable to sleep, unless they visit the site again, at roughly the same time of day as the time in which they initially failed the POW roll. At night, they dream of it, with them taking an active role in whatever it was they have been requesting of the performers on the Darkweb site. Personal relationships will definitely be impacted by these dark fantasies. (And whether the viewer actually had these fantasies or not is irrelevant, because the decapod of .onion inside their head already.)

Future visits to this Darknet site begin mostly like above, but with a POW check made weekly, and with a penalty die to the POW roll for anyone who failed any previous roll. With each corresponding failure, they begin to name darker and darker things. During the course of watching, performers will ask to see them via the watcher’s camera. Eventually, based on failed POW rolls, the site visitor will agree to it, even though part of their brain knows it’s not okay. And on these future visits, nothing is off-limits…not even the murdering performers. But it’s okay, because on the next visit, that performer is back…so it’s not real, right?

The Site & Sanity: With weekly POW and SAN rolls, sooner or later, they’re

  • Temporary Insanity, First Visit – Anyone going temporarily insane on the first visit won’t return to the site for a minimum of 1D6 months. Either the camera angle shifted or a performer positioned themselves too low, and their face, or lack thereof, was visible on camera. Performers have fully-formed human bodies (unless the watcher prefers something…less formed), and their neck, jawline, chin, and sensual mouths are all normal. But from the nose up, there is no face…the head, from nose-up, is a thick fleshy tentacle than goes up and over the small room’s wall, like 9 other tentacles do, to a large, fleshy-entity that plays out the darkest scenes of it’s views.
  • Temporary Insanity, Future Visits – Those that go insane from future visits tend to spiral forward, obsessing over the site and what they can requesting more “deviant” performances. In their dreams, they often act out the performances on family, friends, co-workers, that barrista who smiled at them, the people the see at the gym, etc. They also grow paranoid, worrying about getting caught, and seeing shadows in which the head/top stretches away grotesquely; people they see out of the corner of their eyes are headless; etc.
  • Indefinite Insanity – When someone loses half their Sanity due to site visits (those weekly SAN rolls), they can’t help but be pulled in more and more to the site. They visit it more often, and always with their camera and microphone on. They see the performers in mirrors and out of the corner of their eyes, often without faces, but they obsess. They ask repeatedly to see the face of whichever performer is their favorite, often settling for mouth-down views at best, but they know if they just show their face, everything will be alright. They start seeing themselves in the scenes that play out on the site (from the mouth down), usually as the most active participant. In real life, without help, they begin to act out their dark requests, either on loved ones or in “role-play” situations in which the other person is, most likely, not a willing participant. The things they do to others should further reduce their Sanity accordingly.
  • Permanent Insanity – Once a site visitor drops to zero Sanity, they receive a visit from the Decapod of .onion. They open a door and there it is, towering above them on tentacles ending in people-feet. After such an encounter, a bloody smear is all that is left at the site of contact, but the Darkweb site has a new performer. Science (Forensics) may turn up fingerprints of people who had criminal records (or fingerprints on file for whatever reason) and also went missing without a trace over the years.

The Decapod of .onion


Hit Points:
Damage Bonus:
Magic Points:


12 bounding

Attacks per Round: 6 (it needs at least 4 human-tecles to remain standing)
The Decapod attacks a target, always in private if possible, as a 6-person lynch mob. Beating them to death and the eating body. The 6-person faceless mob attacks as a group, but individually, besides tactile, they have no sensory organs, relying on the set of beautiful eyes that greets visitors to the site the reside on the inverted cone of the Decapod’s body to see.
Doing 10 points of damage to any single body results in that body dying. The Decapod can use a dead body as a weapon, flailing it at a target.

Fighting (Brawl) 40% (20/8), damage 1D3.
Fighting (Dead-Body Flail) 30% (15/6), damage 1D6+DB
Dodge 17% (8/3)


None. If given a day, the Decapod regenerates any lost/dead limbs.  
Whatever the Keeper desires, but…honestly, does it need any?
Sanity Loss:
 1D10/1D100 to encounter the Decapod of .onion.

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