Night Lord

“Though I had mayde the pact with the Lorde of the Great Abyss and knew this being would visit, I could not have been prep’red for its majesty. Its skin all over midnyght black, it tower’d over me, wielding the great trident.
In my mind was spoken a demand for the reason I had summoned it.”

–Written on a scroll, circa late 18th

Century, purchased as part of an auction lot. The Night Lord is an especially large and powerful specimen of the Nightgaunt race. Any Nightgaunts in its presence will defer to it and obey its commands. Whatever “faceless” may
mean regarding ordinary Nightgaunts, the Night Lord distinctly has a face. It can speak any language which suits the Keeper and is fluent in the ghoul tongue. It often communicates telepathically.

The Night Lord will sometimes appear to one who has successfully cast the spell Call Deity/Nodens as the first response from the god and/or when Nodens desires further communication.


Aura of Reverence: By spending 1 Magic Point, the Night Lord may exert its POW vs that of all in its presence. Any who succumb to this are stunned for 1D6 turns.

Spells: Call Deity/Nodens

NIGHT LORD, Harbinger of Nodens
STR 100
CON 100
SIZ 110
DEX 100
INT 60
POW 24
HP: 39
Damage Bonus: +2D6
Build: +3
Magic Points: 24
Move: 7/14 flying

Attacks per round: 1
Fighting attacks:

Dodge 50%
Armor: 6-point skin. If the Night Lord is reduced to zero hit points, it disperses into a black, smoke-like cloud. However, it may not be permanently destroyed. Anyone dispersing the Night Lord will incur the displeasure of Nodens.

Skills: Hide 90%, Sneak 90%
Sanity Loss: Sanity Loss: 1/1D6+1

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