Blistering Maw – Spawn of Nyarlathotep

Image is a blue skinned humanoid, partially mummified dripping in blood with empty eye sockets

The Blistering Maw
by Oscar Lomeli

    Alpha team proceed to lower deck and clear main room!” The order came in over the secure vox. Petty Officer Franco looked to his partner and gave him a two finger point to move forward. Petty Officer Stevens acknowledged with a nod of his head. He raised his SPR rifle in tactical advance fashion and slipped into the dark hatch landing to the stairwell below. His tac light shed a fine yet bright beam that cut through the darkness. The steel staircase might as well have been cloth as Stevens moved with a smooth grace and made no noticeable sound, that was indicative of his years as a USN SEAL. Franco was a mere two steps behind. The two moved as one. Franco would cover high and right and Stevens low and left, they would switch with clockwork precision. There were twenty-seven stairs to the bottom of the landing, Stevens counted each one with extreme precision. He looked into the darkness of an immense room that had to be a good 20 meters across. The space had been draped with sheets to cordon off portions of the room, what appeared to be blood by first glance splattered the partitions. “Stairwell clear, advancing into main area!” Stevens whispered into his vox.


    Stevens and Franco paused in the confined space of the steel doorway and proceeded into the room. Their tac lights barely made a difference as the sheets prevented and kind of view much further than fifteen feet. The moved back and forth to clear the right side. There was a clang on the deck floor from inside one of the partitions. “Contact!” Franco spoke into his vox. Stevens swung his SPR to point directly at the shadow on the floor. Blood pooled around what seemed to be a small bulbous for of flesh. Suddenly it shot across the floor in a surge of speed. “What the F$&^ was that?” Franco spoke silencing his vox with his left hand.  Stevens swept the sheets out of the way using the tip of his SPR. There was a high pitched squeal and a thud as something hurled itself  into the air and slammed into PO Stevens’s chest and knocked him to the ground. A leathery tentacle slapped against his combat helmet and wrapped itself around his throat. There was a sickening crack as his vox was crushed along with his larynx. PO Fanco pulled his kerambit knife and tried to cut it away. It’s skin was like steel and the knife seemed to do nothing. It hissed and squealed as a large maw opened exposing sharp jagged teeth. Saliva dripped from it’s tongue as it tried to crush the life from PO Stevens. Franco took two steps back and raised his SPR and fired a burst. The 5.56 shells pierced it’s hide and black gooey liquid seeped from the wound. Despite shooting it several times the creature did not slow down. The creature twisted it’s torso and snapped Steven’s neck like a twig. Franco could not let this thing get passed him. He pulled the pin on a phosphorus grenade and plunged it into the creatures maw with his gloved hand. Franco turned and dove for cover. The grenade went off white a hiss and exploded in white hot liquid fire. The creature burned and dropped to the floor on Stevens’s chest.


    PO Franco scrambled to his feet and ran for the staircase up. Once on the deck he slammed the bulkhead door and forced it shut with his body weight. “Sir, we have a situation!” Franco spoke into his vox with a quite calm.

            • First contact with the Blistering Maw by USN SEAL team 3




    The Blistering Maw is a spawn of Nyarlathotep. It is created when an Avatar of the Bloody Tongue, a form of Nyarlathotep himself, devourers the soul of an unwilling creature. The Avatar secretes a small calcified oval similar to a well worn river stone approximately three inches in diameter. Cultists of The Bloody Tongue then insert the object into living slaves via an small slit cut into the abdomen. The host then becomes the incubation chamber for the Blistering Maw. The creature grows inside the host in an extremely quick gestation period of less than forty-eight hours. The host experiences an extreme fever that raises the core temperature of the host to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The hosts skin blisters into swollen boils full of clear viscous fluid. If any contact is made with the skin it bursts open from the strain of the fluid pressing against the skin. This effect is what gives the creature it’s name of the Blistering Maw. After the gestation period the cultists cut open the victim with a ‘V’ shaped pattern resembling that of a modern autopsy incision only with a jagged edged obsidian ceremonial dagger. The Blistering maw devours the internal organs of the host and pulls itself from the wound. Blistering Maws sometimes evolve into Avatars of the Bloody Tongue with the right environment ripe with food and souls.




    The Blistering maw is a small creature around 3 feet in height. It has 3 small stumpy legs that bend in a weird knee like structure all facing outwards. This enabled it to move very quickly in any direction and leap with astonishing speeds and distances. The creature has black greasy hide that always seems wet in appearance. It has no arms but it’s head is a large black tentacle that can be used as a prehensile arm. The Blistering Maw uses this appendage to grasp it’s victim by the throat and cut off it’s air supply. It has a large mouth at the base of the tentacle where it meets it’s torso. If the creature lives for several years it’s tentacle turns a bloody crimson red color. This change is it’s first stage of evolving into an Avatar of the Bloody Tongue.




Blistering Maw ; Spawn of Nyarlathotep.


STR 22     CON 21     SIZ 5     INT 14     POW 13

DEX 20     APP 5     EDU 10     HP 23


Damage Bonus: +1D8




Bloody Tongue of Nyarlathotep: Once the victim is held in a Tentacle Choke the Spawn can attempt to infect the individual with this attack. The investigator must make a 4x POW check to not be under a momentary mind control of the Spawn. The Spawn will issue orders to the victim as a free action influencing it to attack it’s allies


Tentacle Choke: The Spawn can initiate a choke as an attack. It uses it’s Surge of speed ability to move, leap onto it’s victims Leg/Chest and wrap it’s long tendril like head around the victims neck. This attack does 1d6 points plus it’s damage bonus.


Armor: Firearm resistance: The Spawn of Narylathotep is resistant to firearm damage. If hit with a bullet it takes 1 point of damage/ Bursts do 3 points. Grenade type weapons will do their damage -2 /Physical attacks such as knives no damage


Sanity Loss: 1d10/2d6


Special Abilities:

Surge of Speed: The Spawn can make surprising bursts of speed moving up to 20′ and attacking in one action.

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