Ayi’ Serpent Goddess of Mesoamerica

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Sheriff Charlie Fox hit a hard dirt packed floor with a thud that knocked the wind out of him. The darkness in the cavern was impenetrable. He had fell though some sort of hole in the strange mud brick floor. He had twisted his ankle a bit and it was very tender. Charlie shook his head trying to resort his thoughts after bouncing his head against the hard gritty surface. He tried to stand but the flesh of his foot just seemed to wiggle and not give him any stability. Great his ankle was broken. Well that should make it fun to get out of here!

He could hear a low rhythmic hum from off in the darkness, the more he listened the quieter in seemed. After listening for a few moments he thought he could hear it calling him deeper into the black inky tunnel. He shuffled his legs forward trying to get closer to the sound. He felt compelled to answer the voices call. His eyes began to adjust to the darkness and he could make out what appeared to be a stone handhold. He had almost pulled himself to his feet when he heard it more clearly this time. He reached out and his hand came into contact with a cloth surface it seemed rough like well worn denim. He pulled himself closer and he could barely make out an exposed leathery area of skin. It felt warm to his touch. Someone else must be down here also. Maybe together they could get out. He had pulled himself within inches of the figure when he was able to make out a bosom of hard leathery skin, baked with the desert heat. He could see stone like nipples on it’s chest. He saw the skin peel away as he outstretched his hand to reach the creatures shoulder. It’s breast seemed to open and disgorge a sleek and wet looking form of a serpentine bodied creature several feet long. Charlie was frozen in fear. The snake like creature opened it’s mouth and bit him. The pain was intense and he immediately could feel a burning sensation in his hand , up his arm and into his chest. His vision blurred and he passed out.

When he came to he could feel a mass of writhing serpents beneath him. He was on a bed of snakes of a variety of species. Above him watched a serpentine form with snakes for breasts. What appeared to be one head was a pair of deep green snakes writhing in some sort of rhythmic pattern. Charlie knew this was the last thing he would see. Slowly the light faded from his eyes and at least he couldn’t see the snakes begin to consume his flesh inch by inch. Unfortunately he would experience the excruciating pain. After hours of unbearable pain he faded from his mortal coil that was his life.

the last moments of Sheriff Charlie Foxes life.

Ayi; Outer goddess and Serpent Goddess of Mesoamerica

Ayi’ is the daughter of Yig and Yidara, she was cursed to live in the desert caverns deep in the canyons of Texas. Ayi was worshiped by the Aztecs as a goddess of serpents and fertility. The Aztecs would sacrifice middle aged men to her and their daughters. The females would be transformed into fertility vessels and their fathers used to inseminate them. Once their deed was done they would be fed to the malformed daughters if Ayi’. After the fall of the Aztecs the Navejo would come to know her. They also would follow unique rituals to appease her. She laid dormant in the canyons for a hundred years only to be stumbled upon by Nazi spies looking for gold in the deep canyons, while making their way into the US in the late 1930’s. She has been awakened and feeds off unsuspecting ranchers or travelers lost in the desert. Travelers can hear her beckon them in the moonlit Summer nights of South West Texas.


Ayi’ is a humanoid built with snakes for limbs and orifices. She is approximately five feet or so in height and has a slender snakelike body. Her head is a pair of Green serpents that writhe with a rhythmic pattern. Her arms are truncated in serpents as are her feet. Her leathery breasts disgorge her children at her will and take a variety of serpent species as forms in the mortal realm. She has been seen wearing a necklace of human hearts and heads but none have lived to tell this tale.

Ayi’ Serpent goddess

char – rolls – avg*

STR 4d6 13-15

CON 4d6 13-15

SIZ 3d6 10-11

INT 3d6 10-11

POW 5d6 16-19

DEX 5d6 16-19

Mov 12 HP 50

Av. Damage Bonus: 1d6

Weapons: Serpentine hands attack with bite 1d4 plus poison, 3xPOW roll to rmein


Armor: .Leathery skin, 5/ vs bludgeoning

Spell: Any

Skills: Any .

Sanity Loss: 1/1d4 Sanity Points to see Ayi’ disgorge her children.

1/1d6 Sanity Points to see her mortal form.

1/1d8 Sanity Points to see her eat prey alive with hoard of writhing snakes..

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