And we have a winner

The people have spoken. Our very own EvilKitten has won the OctoberNomicon submission contest.  Her entry was the Ululatus Anima; the anthromorphism, if such a vague/blunt term could be used, of the very sound created by the demon flutists to placate the blind nuclear chaos that is Azathoth.  What the colour out of space is for artists, the Ulutatus Anima is for musicians.   We both congratulate EvilKitten, and worry for her neighbours.  What horrors does she have for us in the future? Only time will tell, especially now that she will be armed with a brand new copy of Tales of the Crescent City, generously donated by Golden Goblin Press.  Thank you all that submitted entries and all of you who voted.

Remember kids, we’re not *just* OctoberNomicon, you’re welcome to submit content to us year round.  When in doubt, feel free to email at trollboy@ well the domain name you’re currently on.  Godspeed!

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