Origins: I came, I saw, I molested my inner child.

Hello again faithful Cultists; your loyal webmaster Trollboy is wandering about origins as we speak. Look for the 7′ guy all in black with a giant logo on his back..

Day 1, Wednesday: My frist session GMing the LRPS (Longest RolePlaying Session, they where going for a world record) went off with out too much of a hitch.. We played “The Miners” a small scenerio I wrote and it will be featured here after the con. Highlights included a reporter doing a header into the pit of a out house and the quote “What’s going on? Ah she’s moving I’m shooting her with my shotgun”. Never give your fellow players shotguns when they’re that drunk. Expect pictures later. For all those not aware, the LRPS is an attempt to break the worlds record for the longest roleplaying session. Thus the handy acronym.

Day 2, Thursday: Starvation takes its toll, we’ve been forced to eat 3 of our party.. oh.. um.. wrong journal. I met with Dustin at Chaosium today.. the OFFICIAL opening of Origins doesn’t begin until 1 not 10. Oh well, I went and napped in my car. Thus the sore neck. I’m currently waiting for the con to open, and trying to avoid making eye contact with the 19 year old goth boy with the naturally balding head and pale fleshy body covered in oh too tight nylon stockings.. *shudder*
I got the 10 minute “learn or die” from Dustin Wright, and then started my way. I learned alot about up in that booth, regarding new products and ideas. I’ll post more on that tonight. One thing I found especially humorous was below in my original Origins announcement, I made the joke that “gamer cons are great places to pick up chicks”. There were some REALLY good looking women there! Of course I was busy being a booth monkey at Chaosium, so I couldn’t really pursue any of them.. but MAN.
Later that night, I left the Chaosium booth at 6pm, I ran the second LRPS at 11pm. My boys looked MUCH worse for wear.. we actually where running laps whilst gaming to keep them awake. When my shift was over, 5am, I took a quick psuedo nap.

Day 3, Friday: After oversleeping and running down a few pedestrians on a hurried rush back to the con, I arrived a mere hour late. Both Charlie and Dustin where laughing at me as they knew I’d be late. A few positive thing I could say though;

  • I finally had a witty pun to compare to Charlies “use the little gamer’s room”, I got to ask “You’ve heard of the WoTC product Dragonlance? This is the new Chaosium product; Draggin Ass” When you’re tired it seems funny, trust me.
  • Those limited edition Origins 20th anniversary books were REALLY beginning to move. Only 10 of those suckers existed and I’d be suprised to see them last till sunday.
  • MORE REALLY HOT GAMER CHICKS!!Day 4, Saturday: More of the same.. got to answer more questions like “uh.. I thought you guys sold cthulhu/chaosium to WoTC” and “what’s cthulhu”. See my next article for more details there. Afterwards though, Charlie, Dustin and I did find a NICE little Italian restaurant and ate till we bloated. YUM!Day 4, Sunday: Charlie and Dustin both wanted t-shirts, so I’ve got one left. I’ve finalized some things with the printer and HOPE to get shirts available for you guys. I did some shopping, got some swag, and came home. It was fun to be had by all. I look forward to going next year, and seeing you all then.
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