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Two Christmas Goats

The Finnish apparently refer to Santa Claus as Joulupukki. However, Joulupukki was not always the jolly old elf we know and love today. No, apparently Joulupukki, whose name literally means “Yule Buck”, was originally an evil spirit with goat horns clad in goat skins. This Christmas Goat would go around demanding, not giving out, gifts. What’s more, in Iceland they had a giant Yule Cat that went around eating lazy people. And where there are strange legends of demonic creatures, there’s a Call of Cthulhu adventure to be found! (Or, at the very least, an X-Files episode.)

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And a ghoul hiding under the tree!

Editor’s Note: Sorry for the delay! AT&T @Home decided to do their server migration this weekend, and I spent hours working on getting my Internet working again so I could post this.

Richard Upton Pickman demonstrated the relative ease with which a human can devolve into the homovoric depths of ghouldom. However, what if a human, once descended to that bestial plane, decides that it wants to recapture his humanity.

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The Twelve Days of Cthulhu

I realized on Thanksgiving morning that I’d missed a great opportunity for an article. I mean, what’s more Lovecraftian than a band of religious pilgrims landing on a foreign and savage shore in what would eventually become Massachusetts, and have to turn to the natives for assistance. As Lovecraft demonstrated, Native Americans and Mythos go together like two peas in a pod. Who knows what zany adventures they must have had?

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